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Dec 26, 2009 05:17 AM

Is there a speciality in the tallahassee area that is worth seeking out?

I am going to Tallahassee for 72 hours. A memorial service for a distant in-law. From what I can gather my wifes cousins and aunt are not even close to foodie/chowhounds so I fear asking for recomendations will lead me to the Olive Garden. There must be some seafood speciality, maybe Gulf Oysters?

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  1. You might want to try Kool Beanz, on Thomasville Rd. or Cypress, on Tennessee St.
    I can't recommend a true seafood place, unless you want to drive down towards the coast or try Spring Creek Restaurant, in Crawfordville.

    1. Kool Beanz definitely one of the top spots in town.. For local color and seafood, try the Shell Oyster Bar (fried oysters, shrimp, etc) in an out of the way location south of the capitol.

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        Thanks for the info. Not much on chowhound about the area.

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          Or for a more casual meal you could try Paradise or Cabos. Both have local seafood.