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Dec 26, 2009 02:58 AM

So Now That Christmas Is Over, What Are You Cooking?

Trying to plan my weeknight menus for the upcoming weeks. I usually like to cook at least two large entrees on Sunday and we eat on those for the entire week since it's only the two of us. I'm thinking for the upcoming week a lasagna and making turkey hash from yesterday's turkey. In my meal rotations, I usually make a beef roast which is good for two nights and then making soup from the leftovers, spaghetti, chili, country style steak and gravy, and swiss steak.

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  1. So funny, I was just thinking we need lasagna also very soon; haven't had any pasta over the holidays. Son just gave me a Thai cookbook for Christmas so I know he'll be wanting Pad Thai--me too!--but I want some ooey-gooey lasagna.

    1. We had a really great sirloin roast with mashed potatoes and carrots for yesterday's Christmas dinner; have quite a bit left. Will probably use that up over the next couple of days...and am also thinking about making some kind of sure what yet....browsing around on chow to get inspired:)

      1. We were just talking about making a lasagna, too! I might use some of my downtime for a bolognese, or a meal that will help me use up the leftover gorgonzola.

        1. Making lasagna as I type. I like to assemble mine the day before I want to serve and then put in fridge to let the flavor develop. I'll probably bake it tomorrow to have for Sunday lunch.

          1. I'm planning a pot pie with the leftover turkey. And I think I'll be continuing my experiments with vegetarian cooking that I started after thanksgiving. There's something about all the over indulgences of the holidays that makes me want to eat nothing but braised greens and lentil soup for a week.

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              We don't have our family dinner until New Year's Day. We recently had an excellent lasagna thanks to hosting a club potluck. the lasagna maker told us we could keep the leftovers. We had our regular family dinner on Wed night so we had marinated steak tips and roasted vegetables so Christmas eve my husband and I enjoyed leftovers. Last night I made bacon-wrapped shrimp with onions and a ketchup sauce from Thousand Chinese Recipe cookbook. Thinking about making corn chowder for Sunday. This afternoon is a family party and Sunday is a 50th anniversary party. Made a spinach, red pepper and feta cheese quiche today to use up some baby spinach I had bought for a recent Thai coconut soup.