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Dec 26, 2009 02:34 AM

Dimpflmeier apple strudel

Hi foodies,
I'm looking to buy Dimpflmeier apple strudel in a grocery store, does anyone know of a store in the GTA (King W./Dufferin) area that carries it please? Also, does anyone know what variety of apples are used in this particular strudel or why it tastes do deliciously good so I can try to recreate the recipe please? I tried it once and was an instant fan. I must have it again lol

Thank you,
Petra :)

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  1. Any chance you can wait to go to their factory store?

    1. Dimpflmeier's strudel is good but not as good as it used to be.. the dough used to be alot flakier it seems several years back, whereas now its spongey.

      It's still good though. And one of the apple strudels that has raisins with the apples; it's not just straight apples...

      Unforunately the only place I know where to get it is at Dimpflmeier's themselves, on Advance Road or whatever it is.. Kipling & Queensway area

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      1. re: duckdown

        North of Queensway between Islington and Kipling. It's closer to Kipling though.


      2. I'm a big fan of the Dimpflmeier outlet already, but recently visited a good Bakery/Factory outlet in Scarborough based on a friend's recommendation.
        It's called Montmartre Bakery Outlet and is off Midland, North of Lawrence. (south of Calabria Bakery outlet too) 105 MIDWEST RD, SCARBOROUGH, ON

        The only website with info I could find is:

        The prices are extremely reasonable and everything was very fresh. Inventory turnover is very high as the place was absolutely packed when I visited on a recent Saturday.
        The apple strudels are HUGE and sell for $3.95. They seemed to be bringing them out constantly, fresh from the oven to meet the supply. I ordered a 1/2 strudel for 1/2 the price and found it to be fair value. Not as crispy or heavy as Dimpflmeiers, more light and flaky.
        The other breads, rolls etc seemed good but I still prefer Dimpflmeiers more.

        Anyways worth checking out if you're in the area.

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        1. re: pakmode

          light and flaky is exactly how they used to be, and how i prefer them

          wish i lived near scarborough

          thanks for the tip

          1. re: pakmode

            +1 for Montmartre. They have more traditional strudels, pakmode is right I find them to be a decent value. Their custard/cheese danishes are pretty good and they used to serve a very nice Stollen around Christmas time.

            I still prefer the Danish Pastry shop's rich, buttery strudels, but in a pinch, the strudels here are nice.

            1. re: pakmode

              Just found this place by accident today and was quite impressed - the place smelled great and was busy. I didn't buy any bread as I'm doing my own now, but the prices seemed very reasonable and popular. I bought some decent danishes (the custard and apricot in particular was yummy) and next time want to try their pies. They also sell refrigerated pizza dough and pastry doughs.

              1. re: pakmode

                Thanks for the reminder re: Montmartre Bakery, have not been there for ages.
                Forgot all about them. I used to get their "So Vital" Bread, which is now hard to find.
                Will be passing close to there this weekend and will check it out. Calabria is on the list too. It's on route to my Mom's and never knew of it's existence. Chow is great for info.
                Hansen's Danish Pastry has awesome Strudel, but you have to get there early during holidays, they sell out quickly.

                1. re: pakmode

                  Thank you!! I'm going to check this place out soon.

                  1. re: BamiaWruz

                    FYI, Hansen's is closed for all (or most) of January.

                    1. re: BamiaWruz

                      I went to Montmarte and bought half a blue berry and half apple struddel at the end of the day. She dusted it with sugar for me but they looked a little flat and burnt (brown?)

                      I didn't really like it, and I'm pretty familiar with the Dimpflmeier one. Maybe I bought the wrong thing.

                    2. re: pakmode


                      Montmartre Bakery
                      105 Midwest Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3A6, CA

                    3. I'm pretty sure they sell this strudel at all Loblaws on No Frills. It's packaged in a yellow box, and if I remember correctly, is pretty inexpensive.