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Dec 25, 2009 09:16 PM

Your favorite TV food site for recipes? (moved from Home Cooking)

I am here in Oregon for a couple weeks, with a kajillion channels that I can't get where I live in Mexico. I used to watch a lot of PBS shows (Jaques and Julia, Bayless, etc) many years ago, but now that I have a chance, I don't know what to look for! What are your favorite shows? Oops. I think I am on the wrong forum. Let me change my request. Where can I watch my favorite home recipes prepared? Thanks, Dee

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  1. you should still look for PBS or other local access channels - most of the shows on the Food Network can't hold a candle to your old favorites!

    1. If you're still interested in Jacques, all 26 episodes of his series "More Fast Food My Way" are online here (official PBS site, nothing illegal or unsafe): Every now and again he takes a shortcut I find unconscionable, but then again he is Jacques Freakin' Pepin and who am I? You will most always learn something, even if only a tidbit.

      Also, Bayless is still on PBS on Saturdays in much of the country.

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        I like Cook Country with Christopher Kimball on PBS.

      2. It seems so many people love to hate the Food Network, but I don't mind sharing my fondness and admiration for Tyler Florence here. I watch "Tyler's Ultimate" most Saturday mornings and have enjoyed making his recipes--a superfantastic bacon-wrapped turkey this past Thanksgiving, for one. Hello, gorgeous!

        I would also check to see if you have the Create channel (Rick Bayless is there, too!):

        In their own words, "Create TV is a nationwide channel delivered courtesy of your local public television station. Presenting the best of public television's lifestyle programs..."
        Here's a list of ALL their cooking shows. Enjoy!

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          I Love the Create channel for recipes and cooking. Lately I've been watching the Scandinavian cooking shows as I've never cooked that cuisine before and I'm enamored. Also, the Gourmet show with Ruth Reichl is currently being shown. It's a fascinating take on cooking and travel.

          Here's a link to all the cooking shows:

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            Wow, great list. There are even Chinese cooking shows! That "Double Happiness" with the mother-daughter team is quite good, saw it on WLIW a few years back (I always remember some of their tips when cooking, such as not to turn the heat under deepfrying foods off until everything is out of the pan or the foods being cooked will absorb more oil - and that everything deepfrying looks darker in the oil than out of it).

        2. Hi Dee, hope you're enjoying Oregon. Big change from your usual beach weather, no? I have to agree with GHG, PBS is still the way to go if you want to actually learn something from a cooking show. Plus the shows haven't been dumbed down to a ridiculous level.

          But, that said, I find I've begun to watch Food network a little bit more in the last few months. Will wonders never cease, I find I'm really enjoying watching Bobby Flay. Age or marrigae must be mellowing him. I usually end up watching Ina Garten when I'm at the gym doing time on the eliptical machine. That half hour nearly zooms by ;-). Her recipes are usually fairly simple and they work. I'm reasonably sure you could find all the ingredients pretty easily in your neck of Mexico. Costco carries her cookbooks, but I wouldn't guarantee they do in Mexico.

          FTV puts the "B" list stars on Sunday morning and actually some of them aren't all that bad. The recipes are fairly simple, but the glitz, flash and forced personality is, thankfully, seriously toned down.Take a look and see if anyone turns your crank. The recipe databas on FTV is extensive and pretty good. I often use it when I'm doing a recipe search. It's actually a pretty good resource.

          1. I can't remember where I saw it -- must be PBS and/or Create -- but has a lot of recipes, broken down by chef, meal, etc.