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Dec 25, 2009 06:00 PM

Beaufort and Savannah in 3 days

I'm taking a trip from my home in Charleston to Beaufort and Savannah. I've searched this board and planned out a chowhound itinerary. Staying at the Bohemian in Savannah. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Day 1:
Casual lunch in Beaufort - Nippy's Fish or Sea Island Wine & Gourmet
Casual dinner in Savannah - Crystal Beer Parlor

Day 2:
Breakfast - something light within walking distance downtown
Lunch - Mrs. Wilkes
Dinner - a big name place along the lines of Elizabeth's on 37th or 700 Drayton (which is better for a couple and different from Charleston?)

Day 3:
Breakfast - same deal as before
Lunch - Gryphon Tea Room (will likely be touring the art museum afterwards)
NYE dinner back in Charleston

Nightlife suggestions are also appreciated. I'll be sure to post a trip report when I get back.

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  1. Just in case you missed this post about Beaufort by Technofin I am passing it along:
    In Beaufort we always enjoyed Panini for casual lunches.
    Beaufort and Savannah are both very walkable towns. I hope you have good weather!
    In Savannah my family enjoyed the River Street experience and The River House was our restaurant pick there.

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    1. re: Sensuous

      I ate at Panini's on the way to the outlet mall in Bluffton last weekend. I had a very good meatball sub. The meatballs were huge, tender, and flavorful. They were really too big for the sandwich, which had to be eaten with a fork. Marinara was fresh and flavorful.

      I've heard about Nippy's from a few folks. I think that is where I'll go. Thanks for the reply.

    2. hi, tennreb. You'll have a great time visiting these two cities. When you're in Savannah,, try Express Cafe on Barnard just N of Broughton - great breads and other baked goods, fresh ingredients, etc. - been around for over twenty years and just a good place to have either breakfast or lunch. B. Mathews or Firefly Cafe would be good choices for the second breakfast. You'll enjoy Crystal, Mrs. Wilkes, and the Gryph. Elizabeth's would be my choice for that dinner - if you can't get in there, my second choice would be Noble Fare. Both are the real deal.

      I see you'll be back (home?) in Charleston NYE. It's a shame you'll miss Bobby Lee Rodgers at LiveWire. For other nightlife, the bar at 700 Drayton is fun, and then of course there's River Street - you'll find whatever kind of venue you like down there.

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      1. re: Buddha49

        While strolling West Broughton I suggest stopping in Papillote and looking around. They have very nice cheese samplers, as well as sandwiches and other goodies. Their fig confit makes a nice souvenir.

        1. re: savdoug

          If the weather is good, I might trade Gryphon for Papillote and have lunch in the park.

        2. re: Buddha49

          Thanks for the reply. Both breakfast suggestions look great. I'll probably go with Express Cafe (which appears to have changed its name to Goose Feathers) to save room for Mrs. Wilke's. B. Matthews looks like a good filling breakfast the next day. I've got a reservation for Elizabeth's. Any advice for getting a table at Mrs. Wilkes?

          1. re: tennreb

            Huh, the Express Deli and Bakery appears to be re-branding as Goose Feathers for franchising purposes. Interesting....

            re: Mrs. Wilkes, you're either going to stand outside for an hour and a half before they open or you're going to stand outside for an hour and a half waiting for tables to clear. I'm kind of two minds about Mrs Wilkes; it really is good and its a different and interesting experience, but man I hate to stand in a line. I think it's better than the lady and sons, and its been there forever (that counts for something in Savannah). However, I can think of a half dozen country cooking, meat and three or buffet kinds of places in small towns around the state of Georgia where the food is at least as good, the cost is half as much, and the wait is like zero.

            FWIW, savdoug's reco re: Papillote is a great recommendation.

            1. re: Buddha49

              I've been to Mrs. Wilkes twice, went around 1 p.m., and only had to stand in line about 1 hour, 15 minutes.

              That said, there are a few southern buffets I've been to in rural Georgia that are as good. I've never had anything better, and it takes a lot of trial and error (and a lot of really mediocre places) to find those. Jones Kitchen in Jesup, GA is the closest one to Savannah I can think of, but that's like a 2 hour roundtrip drive, so in terms of time commitment, it's a wash.

              1. re: mikeh

                did you eat at the hotel? my mom said the pizza and drinks were good.