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Dec 25, 2009 05:46 PM

Portugese Chicken Restaurants

Which is the best place for this in Montreal? Has anyone tried the restaurant on Westminister in Montreal West? what about the new Portuguais resto on St. Jacques? I believe this is a branch.

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  1. No on the Mtl West place; the place started out fine, but I have heard quality has gone down. The place on St. Jacques is not a branch; the owners purchased the name (like a franchise). Last I was there it was pretty good; however if you do a search here you will find that you need to tell them in advance you are coming (ie. order the chicken an hour and a half before coming as they cook it fresh).

    1. Portugalia is the name of the one on St-Jacques near Cavendish. My hubby is obsessed with the spicy chicken there and we've been getting it at least once a month. It's very tasty, if a bit dry sometimes. Here's the thread williej was referring to where you'll find more details:

      New resto bar Portugalia

      It does require advance planning because the chicken takes at least an hour from when you call before pickup - and longer for delivery. If you pick it up it's a very good deal at $11 and you don't need to get any of the bland, uninteresting side dishes (fries/iceberg salad).

      For a previous discussion of which place has the best Portuguese chicken in Mtl, check out:

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      1. Le Roi du Plateau is a good place to go for grilled chicken at a reasonable price. It is such a great neighborhood restaurant. It gets crowded on weekends, so it is better to make reservations.

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          Nice little restaurant with service to sit down and enjoy an evening with friends.
          But the one thing that turn me off with portuguse restaurant is when you get a nice whiff of their fish on the bbq. Just wanna puke what a foul smell those fumes give outsideé Thank god that smell doesn't go inside.

          Le Roi Du Plateau
          51 Rue Rachel W, Montreal, QC H2W1G2, CA

        2. Chicken Romados located at 115 Rachel Est. Amazing. But beware of the line up!!!! If you order by phone before... you will cut through the line! Amazing chicken and fries!!!!! yummy!!!

          1. New place on Mont-royal and St-Denis called PIRI PIRI .
            My second visit was a take out it was a disaster chicken came from dry lands.

            memo: never bye a chicken couple hours before closing time. I t has been sitting there and the man reheated it. I trusted that it would be juicy but man what a disappointment.

            My first visit was a great piece of juicy chicken right off the charcoal.

            already mentioned in restaurant opening 2010