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Dec 25, 2009 03:17 PM

French Macarons in Brentwood

I stumbled across French macarons at La Provence Patisserie in Brentwood gardens of all places. Having just returned from Paris and London and indulged in the world class macarons from Laduree and Pierre Herme, I was excited to find them available here. I have to admit that despite a very high bar that was set in Europe, these were pretty good. I sampled Hazelnut, Fleur de sel Caramel, Pistachio and Cherry rose. Pistachio was my favorite, Fleur de Sel Caramel had a great salty crust that I enjoyed, but all were delicious. At $1.95 each, they are reasonably priced (unlike those tiny little things I tried in a bakery in Culver City - can't remember the name but it was in the Helms building and they were tiny, tasteless and expensive). The flavors were spot on, the texture was a bit off at times but all in all, a great source for French macarons. It looks like they have a location in Beverly Hills as well.

La Provence Patisserie
8950 W Olympic Blvd Ste 110, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

La Provence Patisserie
11677 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. I love La Provence and wrote about it when it first opened. Have no idea what happened to the review. I agree that the macarons are delicious. However, what really is keeping this restaurant busy is the great breakfast and lunch menu. The food is delicious; service friendly, prices reasonable. I am probably there 3 x week and there is enough variety on the menu that I'm not bored. Soups are delicious. There are a lot of vegetarian options. Excellent egg dishes, sandwiches (for some reason they have their BLT (with avocado) on the breakfast side of the menu. It's a great BLT! Nice to see a new neighborhood restaurant succeeding. They deserve their success. Good food, good portions, fair prices and good service. That is, ultimately, what it is all about and why La Provence appears to have been embraced by the Brentwood community.

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      "Have no idea what happened to the review."

      Is this the one: ?

    2. We stopped by on Sunday, the 27th and the lady had some serious attitude. She said they were closing (with several people still eating) around 3pm, so I asked if I could look around. I then asked if I could buy a $2 macaron and she said closed means closed and didn't I read the paper sign in front of the door? I honestly didn't since I checked the hours on the website and was just so excited I walked right in. Despite her very rude attitude, another very nice server at the counter offered to help me, so I bought 2 macarons. Also, while the hostess was rudely lecturing me about the hours, another customer had come in and ordered a sandwich.

      On to the macarons - they were very beautiful as always and rather large. we ordered pistachio and lavender. I love lavender, but unfortunately this lavender macaron was overpowering and tasted like eating soap. The pistachio also tasted rather artificial. I'm not sure I will be returning, but I hope that hostess adjusts her attitude.

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        Alice, I have to respond. In the first place, when you talk about a "hostess" I have no idea what or who you are describing. I am at La Provence several times a week. There are servers. Have never encountered a "hostess" with or without attitude. The macaron "tasted like eating soap." Sorry, Alice, you are way off base. I normally trust Chowhound reviews. This one just doesn't feel right. La Provence is a great neighborhood restaurant. There is not a "hostess" nor is there a Maitre'd. Go there for great casual fresh and healthy food and enjoy the macarons. Ignore the last poster. IMHO, that poster has never set foot on the 3rd floor of BrentwoodGardens.

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          I did go to the La Provence in Brentwood Gardens and I bought two macarons. The lady who addressed us acted like she was in charge, so I assumed she was the manager, but server is fine. Apologies for not using the proper term.
          Both my husband and I thought this lavender macaron tasted like lotion or soap and usually lavender is one of my favorites. I was just sharing my experience at the restaurant.

      2. Im not a macarons expert but Ive had the ones at cafe luxxe on san vicente and thought they were quite good. at $2 per, is that a lot for a small, tasty cookie?

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          La Provence Patisserie in Brentwood is closed as of September 1, 2012. Too bad, loved their macarons.

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            Go across the street and walk 1 block east to the Larder at Tavern. Their macarons are excellent. Much better than La Provence.

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              Agreed, they were quite good. Is the Beverly Hills location still open? Anyone know?