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Dec 25, 2009 02:22 PM

Dim Sum at Regal Palace's new Yonge location

Tried out Regal Palace's newly opened branch at 9712 Yonge today. Apart from the missing 'best bun under the sky', the dim sum menu is identical to their Hwy#7 flag ship location. The lady owner told me the bun will be introduced at a later date when operation is on track. As well, all dim sum items are made inhouse in the Yonge location under the direction of a different dim sum chef.
Now comes the food. We ordered the usual array of traditional goodies such as Har Gow, steamed pork spare ribs, chicken feet, satay beef tripe, yellowing chives and shrimp cheung-fun, fried squid tentacles, B-B-Q pork buns, fried taro croquette, sticky rice with preserved meats, egg tarts with birds nest and a couple of stirred fry veggie dishes...etc. Overall quality was consistent and pretty high. Har gow was well made with thin and 'hold together' skin wrappings. High light was the croquettes which was non greasy, crispy on the outside and ultra creamy inside with a nice filling. Only let down was the slightly overcooked rice roll cheung fun which was a bit cold when arrived. Totally understandable since the place was packed and they were a bit understaffed. However, service was still friendly and attentive.
Guess for dim sum in the Richmond Hill area, one can now rely on the 'Yang's, Emperor and Regal Palace' trinity!
Happy Holidays fellow CHers!

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  1. Nice write up. I think their dim sum is ok. Just one note on the parking lot, it is very small. It is even worst than Casa Imperial. When I was there last Sunday, I have to park in the plaza next to it.

      1. Charles,

        Do you have any recs for dim sum and Chinese places midtown or downtown? They would be most appreciated. It is sometimes difficult to get up to Richmond Hill or over to Scarborough. Many thanks.

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        1. re: sherry f

          I'm the exact reverse of you! Very seldomly make special downtown trip for Chinese food since choices uptown are already overwhelming.
          Anyways, for Dim Sum I will stick to Lai Wah Heen downtown and Lai Toh Heen mid-town.

        2. Sorry Charles, but I totally disagree. I am an avid yum-cha'er(have lots of dim-sum and I was so disappointed here. I adore many specialties for a gwai-lo(white-guy).
          Since my wife is Cantonese from HK I am always open to try new things, I was not happy with many of the dishes we tried, since we were other people also, we tried out many dishes such as 3 types of noodle rolls(which arrived nearly cold, the taro rolls were also not up to snuff, and the overall impression was that the managers who also were bringing out dishes made several mistakes with table deliveries.
          I am hoping that their errors will be rectified, as this is "local" for me and would be great if I could go there happily and get better quality.
          Happy New Years to everyone...

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          1. re: aushaw

            Its OK to disagree!
            If you re-read my posting, we ordered the 'traditional' stuff and did not venture outside the norm to try new things! Based on that, my verdict for the traditional dim sum was that they were more than OK. However, I do agree with the 'cold' rice noodle Cheung Fun part. A big puzzle for this made to order dish?! Next time when the lady owner goes around the tables to solicit feed back, may be I'll point that out to her?!
            BTW, even the Michelin 3* Lun King Heen inside Hong Kong's Fourseasons Hotel occasionally makes mistakes during the mad weekend rushes!

          2. I went there for dim sum also on Dec 25. I was disappointed with their dim sum. Shrimp har gow has only shrimp inside, nothing else, no bamboo bits. It's hugh but I found taste lacking. Fried squid tentacles was cold & chewy, overly deep fried & small portion considering $7/order. Rice roll cheung fun was cold. 'Phoenix eye' dumpling was filled with mixed & mushy (tasteless) seafood inside. I found the other dim sum just average. (did not order taro croquette).
            They may be the pricest dim sum in Richmond Hill (start at $2.90). I won't hurry to go back.

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            1. re: ace123

              Interesting!! How can two chowhounders having lunch in the same restaurant on the same day have such diversify results?! Our Har Gow was not huge at all just regular size! In fact I was surprised they didn't give us 5 instead of 4. Our squid tentacles was pipng hot and crisp! Agree the cheung fun was 'no fun'! Cool to cold! Were you there early or late?
              BTW, next time we dine out we should wear a 'chowhound' batch to identify us from fellow fraternity members! Ha!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I was there 11 - 12:30. Agree that a 'chowhound' batch may make dining out more interesting.

                1. re: ace123

                  We were there after 2.00. Still busy, but must have avoided the mad rush. But still?!! Will be trying Emperor New Years day. Another mad rush no doubt?! Wonder how consistent quality will be?

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Hey Charles, have you tried dim sum at Regal 16 recently ? I find it the best of the bunch up North. The clear broth beef brisket is no where to match in Richmond Hill, same with the Har Gow.

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      I was actually thinking about that!!! Now that you've mentioned it, I'll go there instead of the Emperor on New Years day! Thanks!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        Great, hope it is good and consistent !