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Dec 25, 2009 11:49 AM

Christmas Dinner

Did the actualization of your Christmas Dinner match the anticipation?
If yes-Why?
If no-Why?

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  1. Going to say no due to family dymanics and bitter overdone asparagus that dear old mom killed until almost brown mush - bummer. I don't think I was entirely focused on the mushroom risotto either so it was just okay. I think everyone else enjoyed the chicken marsala. We completely forgot to put out the green salad. Ugh!

    1. You forgot to say whether or not your dinner turned out as anticipated or not!

      Mine, yes and no.

      Yes, because we had a lovely light dinner and it was super delicious.
      No, because last night I came down with a sore throat. We were invited to our friends' home for today but their mom was going to be there and she is undergoing chemo so I could not have taken the chance that I'd spread germs. I probably wouldn't have gone anyway, just to keep from sharing germs, but I really didn't want to get her sick!!

      1. well we had our christmas dinner on christmas eve because we went to my grandmother's house for our christmas dinner. but yes it lived up to expectations! I made a roasted leg of lamb with herbs de provence and red pepper flakes, roasted garlic smashed new red potatoes, and sauteed spinach with garlic! and for those beer dorks (like me) out there, we washed it all down with some sculpin, so it was amazing!

        1. Oh, gee...ours was kind of a debacle. Son and I were supposed to drive 4 hours to my (ex) in-laws to spend Christmas Day and the weekend and I got a phone call at 8 a.m. yesterday to say MIL has come down with her inner-ear dizziness/vomitting so please don't come. NO grocery stores open here except for one 30 minutes away and they were closing early so it was a mad rush to get over there for some dinner provisions. LOL, and I always try to empty out fridge before going away for a few days. Found a small, 2 1/2 pound prime rib roast for the 2 of us and large lobster tails--also made potato gratin and broccoli. Turned out okay, not familiar with cooking SMALL prime rib roasts but we ate late around 5:30. was stressful but better than going out, everyone required reservations, yada yada. We mostly were sad & upset not to be able to see them. Oh, well..we'll go in January. Usually when she has these inner-ear problems, she is laid out flat for 5 or 6 days.

          1. Mine- no

            I bought a premium turkey and it had no taste even though I did a herbed butter rub under the skin and on the skin. I also put cut up oranges, lemons, and aromatics in the cavity. Going back to Butterball for the next one. Turkey gravy was like wallpaper paste. Don't ask me what I did wrong. Broccoli rice casserole was good, but how can you mess that up. Ham, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, potato salad, cranberry casserole was OK. After I got all of it cooked, I really didn't want to eat it. All I wanted was to have a cup of tea and a nap.