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Dec 25, 2009 09:47 AM

Apple Cider?

what is a good brand of apple cider, am craving some, and don't know which to buy.

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  1. Waupoos is my favourite. Slighty sweet and very crisp with ample apple flavours. And at 6.5%, it makes you feel... good!

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      1. re: lamaranthe

        Many LCBO outlets carry it. Use the search function at to check availability.

        1. re: JamieK

          It sure ain't cheap, but Waupoos is tasty.

    1. the Best apple cider that I've had recently is from the Apple Factory

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        I tried an amazing apple cider at the Wychwood Barns recently. I will try and google to get the name of it. If successful I will report back.

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          i agree with duckdown...nice pies as well

          1. re: duckdown

            Ferri's cider isn't bad, either. Nice varietal apples fresh from storage, too. Heritage Rd. north of Steeles in Brampton.

          2. Do you mean hard cider or the fresh pressed stuff (to drink on its own or add your own mulling spices and possibly a kick)?

            1. For fresh pressed (pasteurized) I really like Algoma Orchards cider.

              1. I bought some apple cider vinegar at Whole Foods by the name of Filsinger's from Ayton, Ontario- I guess made from their orchards. They also sell huge bottles of cider which I'm sorely tempted to try .

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                1. re: Abbeshay

                  thanks everyone, will try these options out for sure..