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Dec 25, 2009 07:19 AM

How do you pronounce Grillades? [moved from New Orleans]

Are the "ll"s the ell sound or is it of appreciated Spanish derivation with a 'y' sort of sound?

(And was the classic version on grits or rice?)

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  1. my phonetic spelling might be off, but this is close


    1. gree-yodds or gree-yahds

      oh, and i'm no expert on Cajun cuisine, but i'm about 99% sure it's traditionally served over grits.

      1. It's the "y" sound, but of French derivation, not Spanish. "gree-yahdz"

        1. Gree-yhads and grits is a traditional Creole brunch dish. Not Cajun. New Orleans.
          Plain white grits, cooked fairly stiff. Although now, many people are serving it with cheese grits, or cheese grits soufflee.