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Dec 24, 2009 10:34 PM

Lotus of Siam Reopens

I was lucky enough to eat at LOS as they reopened after being shuttered.

First the good news. The food was as good as ever. And now many of the specials that before you had to ask about are now listed on the menu. These items tend to be on the high end because of more expensive ingredients (sea bass, short ribs, etc.),. I didn't look at the menu carefully, as we let Saipin choose our dishes, but the prices on the rest of the menu didn't seem to be higher.

But don't expect to see the expanded LOS. Indeed, the seating capacity is actually a little less, as a temporary wall has been placed between the old LOS and what will include not just more seating, but a big wine bar that will be Bank's baby. All the photos and other memorabilia are gone, so the walls are blank. The place was hopping from the start tonight, so I'd suggest calling for reservations.

I asked and LOS will be open for lunch and dinner tomorrow on Christmas.

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  1. We ate at LOS for the first time since the remodeling was son's specific request for his last dinner before he heads back to New Orleans and school in the am. The waiter told us that the expanded area will be opened soon, within a couple of weeks. In the meantime, it IS crowded. There wasn't an empty table tonight.

    The food was as good as always, IMO. My son told me "order whatever you want mom, as long as its healthy" (whatever that means...) and DH of course wanted no beef. We ended up having the spicy northern-style chicken soup (DH's favorite!), khao soi (sp? I prefer it with beef, but in deference to DH we had the chicken variety), papaya salad (son's "healthy"), and the whole fried catfish in sweet-spicy sauce (I forget the Thai name of the dish; it was the one the waiter said he preferred. DH and son both love catfish, and the various presentations at LOS have never dissapointed...). All was delicious. We asked for "medium" spice level and it was just about right (note: the "medium" on the soup is pretty picante, but then again it is SPICY chicken soup...).

    There are no mangoes this time of year, so we decided to forgo dessert. Besides, my son wanted to check out the Christmas display at the Bellagio and cruise the strip one last we decided to get gelato at Bellagio instead. It was good, but apparently my son is forever spoiled by the gelato he had in Florence and everything else seems second rate. Nonetheless, an enjoyable evening and a delcious meal.

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      Was son's gelato considered "healthy"? :)