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Dec 24, 2009 08:35 PM

Hooks Restaurant Port Credit - What Happened?

Hooks restaurant has a for rent sign on it. Was a very popular resto in port credit and no warning has now closed. Anyone know what happened?

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  1. Dunno. Lots of streetfront vacancies all along Lakeshore+sidestreets in PC. Got access to some dirt cheap studio space from a desperate landlord. Hooks had a homey, offbeat charm that made it preferable to the nearby faux upscale joints.

    1. Oh, seriously? No way...
      That's really, really sad -- Hooks has been, hands down, my favourite place in the area to go for special dinners since I was about twelve.

      I recall reading tales of its apparent decline recently, but it's been a couple years since I was last there. Every memory I had there was a positive one. I'll sure miss it.

      1. I work at the LCBO in Port Credit. I don't quite think this is the whole truth---The owner was in a few weeks ago and he let me know that they bought a home quite a distance away and didn't want the commute. He didn't mention opening a new restaurant or anything-- just thanks for your service and we are out of here!

        1. Looks like the building is falling down and the owners are moving to NOTL.

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            its kind of sad when a building owner and a long time tenant can't come to terms to fix up a property that benefits both of them

              1. re: Turt_and_chicken

                Thanks for the link! I was going to say "Wow, how did I miss that in the paper in November" but I can't say I usually peruse the Mississauga News in any depth at all ;)

                NOTL, eh? Here's hoping they open up something down there, as that's where I'll be, kind of.
                I sure will miss that gumbo. Mmm.

                1. re: Whats_For_Dinner

                  wow! we'll miss you too! All of the above is true - although we did not want to leave Port Credit, we could not come to terms with the landlords after so many years trying to maintain a falling down building; and as that negotiation deteriorated over the past two years, we did move to Niagara and are opening a restaurant here once we build it. And LCBO annwalden - we really mean it when we say 'thank you' for the awesome service and friendliness we received throughout the years. We stopped to thank all we could even though we were out of sorts the last weeks. The toughest decision we had made for us in these 15 yrs. We thank you all so very much.

                  1. re: hooksthatwas

                    I'm sooo sad to hear this! I was taken to Hooks on a date many, many years ago and I've continued to make the drive out there because it was just so awesome! The food (best crab cakes), the ambiance, the excellent service...definitely one of my top 10 restaurants. Guess I'll be driving further now when the new place opens!

                    1. re: hooksthatwas

                      Since this topic was rooted up -- I'm in Niagara now and would love, love, love to have any and all updates on this new restaurant-to-be. Hope to be enjoying your stellar food again soon!

                      1. re: hooksthatwas

                        I was shocked today to find about the closure..i was craving the curry mussells and was thinking i needed to stop by this weekend for a fix. I will miss the food and the amibiance and the excellent service and look forward to the trips to NOTL to your new place. I have been a fan for the 15yrs you were there, sorry to see you go.

                        1. re: MiniMom

                          Any updates on the new venture?

                          1. re: MiniMom

                            Haven't heard anything. Tried to look him up -- needed to get in touch with a guest speaker on Cajun cuisine at school last winter -- but no success. I'd love to know if anyone has any inside info.