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Dec 24, 2009 08:01 PM

No Space at APDC

APDC is the only restaurant my brother insists on visiting every time he comes from Vancouver, and I dropped the ball on this one. I waited too long to make reservations, and now I have a VERY disappointed foodie brother.This will be his first visit in three years that he won't be able to post a review on his blog. How could I possibly make this up to him? Where else could we go?

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  1. Maybe you can get counter seats at APDC without a reservation(I haven't eaten at APDC in several years, so maybe the counter seats are not available anymore in their current set-up).

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      Hi can anyone please confirm the counters are still available as I am planning a trip alone next week and plan to eat 3 out of my four nights there :) Haven't made any reservations as I will dine alone but this could be a bummer if there is no place at the counter.

    2. For ApDC, go early, or go late, ask for a place at the bar (either right in front of the kitchen, or a bit further along the back)

      For substitution : Le Local, La Salle à Manger, Le Garde Manger, Joe Beef, ..

      1. Thanks for the pointers everyone... we will try to sneak off to the bar seats, just the two of us and try our luck. If not, maybe we can pick up chocolates next door and move on to another recommended place.

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          If you can't get seats at APDC, why not round up a group of 12 and giving La Salle à Manger to reserve their cochonnet? If your brother can't blog about the pig's head for two, you can make it up to him with an opportunity to blog about a whole piglet.

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            Oooooh! I so love that idea. I am going to look into that ASAP. Have you done it?

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              No there are two issues preventing me from doing the cochonnet and neither is the $500 price tag (comes to about $42/person so very reasonable).

              It's getting 11 other people who also want to do it, and then figuring out a schedule where all 12 people manage to show up at the same time. If you do it, post about it and also post your brother's blog link.

          1. I went to APDC for the first tme on Saturday night. I had made a reservation about 3 weeks prior and was told there would only be space at the bar, which was fine. When we got there, we were given a table. Around 9:00, there were a few spots available. So perhaps if you're willing to go early or late it's possible to get a table without a reservation...

            As an aside, the food was incredible! Particularly the oxtail and foie gras gnocchi and the foie gras cromesquis, I am still dreaming of them...

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              Tried to get a place either today or tomorrow. The concierge said that place krazy bz with a K so my best bet is just show up and hope for the best. I am gonna try today so wish me luck as it would be a bummer if I don't get to eat there on this trip. In the meantime please recommend me other options that have foie gras specialties that don't cost a fortune. I tried Laloux Foie Gras Terrine yesterday and was not impressed.