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Dec 24, 2009 07:47 PM

what's cheap & kid-friendly in soma, open sunday night?

We are taking 5 nieces & nephews (ages 10 to 18) to a show at the Climate (9th & Folsom) on Sunday night. Are there any good burritos right around there? Is the food decent at Brainwash? These are sheltered Peninsula kids & we would prefer something to gently broaden their horizons, but parking/convenience & price (did I mention *cheap*?) are higher priority. We could go to an adjacent neighborhood too. We'll be picking them up from the train station. All advice much appreciated!

Just to give you a rough idea of what we'd like: ideally, Zante's Indian pizza would be available just around the corner, but of course it's not.

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  1. Maybe try Manora Thai or Buca di Beppo. The later isn't the most horizon expanding but it is kid friendly.

    1. Which means you're taking them to the Bright River, good for you. What a great show.

      The walking distance restaurants are severely limited. The german place across the street - not open, right? Indian Garden is a walk exactly across the street, and is a solid, straight up indian place, not particularly challenging or anti-challenging. Basil Thai has a lot of small plates, but isn't that cheap. Sushi Groove - no on so many levels. I don't think brainwash will satisfy the kid's different taste desires (just sandwitches and burgers). I think you'd do a disservice to try Bucca di Beppo.

      So I think you'll end up driving, and at that point, I think burritos aren't a bad idea, and you should optimize for best parking, like the El Faro or something.

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        Thank you for the neighborhood survey. Believe me, any kind of Indian would be an expansion for these kids... & I didn't mean to slight the Peninsula, I know there's plenty of good food there, but they don't get to eat it. I notice on Basil Thai's website they have an offshoot, Basil Canteen (also not as rock-bottom-cheap as we'd ideally like, but...) -- know anything about it?

        Thanks lannanh for reminding me of Manora Thai. That might work. We are leaning toward driving to burritos, but maybe we'll do Manora or Indian.

        Glad to hear a vote of confidence about Bright River, too :)

        1. re: indigirl

          Indian Garden will probably suit your needs just fine. It is solid. Good tandoor, good bread, not terribly stuffy, not terribly casual. You might call ahead for a reservation with that large a group.