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Dec 24, 2009 05:57 PM

Bert's Beers Manchester NH

Just found this great specialty beer place in a strip mall-technically in Hooksett
The owners are great; very helpful and friendly.

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  1. yes great place , good mix of beer , owner was so helpfull, and great parking

    1. And they carry the incredible White Birch Brewing line. Locally brewed heaven for real beer folks. I had their barrel aged barley wine recently and thought I was in heaven.

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        1. re: Dave B

          Wow, reviews I've seen for this beer/brewery are so widely divergent. Ranging from your glowing view all the way to buttery, infected crap.

          1. re: LStaff

            The only one I've had was the one mentioned, the Barrel Aged Barley Wine (BABW), so I can't comment on any others although I'm anxious to try them.

            The BABW is extremely full-flavored so I suspect most people who like lighter beers would find it overwhelming. I like rich, full, hoppy beers in particular. For example Harpoon IPA and Guiness stout are a couple of my readily available favorites.

            The barley wine (to my tastes) was incredible. Even though I enjoy wine, I rarely find myself spouting out adjectives and comparisons to food notes when tasting wine, but this happened to me while drinking the BABW. Multiple, complex taste nuances were popping into my head without even searching for them. I consider the BABW to be among the best beers I've ever had. I must get to Burt's and see what else from White Birch they might have and give them a test run too.

        2. LOL@ Naughty Nancy from Manchester Brewing! I have to buy this one, just because that it my nickname...

          1. I was finally up in the area and got to stop in, such a great place! The owners are incredibly nice...and patient! He had no problems answering every (silly) little question I had. My only disappointment was that they were totally out of White Birch...that beer is apparently incredible, and Bert's does a great job of marketing on twitter! Otherwise, I really loved the mixed six-pack idea, I got to try out a bunch of beers I have been curious about without having to spend on a six-pack of a new beer I may not like.