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Dec 24, 2009 04:07 PM

Great new Indian restaurant in Park Slope

Just had dinner at the new Indian restaurant, Balaka, on 6th Ave. and 14th St. in Park Slope. The decor was rather plain but the food was very good and well priced. We had mostly vegetarian dishes, the Sag and Baigan Bharta were particularly good. We also had very good Tandoori chicken and excellent breads. Nice new addition, I hope they survive in that off the beaten path local. They also deliver, though.

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  1. wow, the old spot came and went pretty fast.

    1. I had dinner there last night & thought it was excellent. Had different kinds of curries -- one with goat, one with shrimp, one with lamb -- all delicious. Great, sweet service, too. And they're BYOB for now so we brought a nice wine & had a super cheap meal. I'm definitely glad Balaka is there now.

      1. Can anyone make a relative comparison to kinara, on 5th and 12th, which i think is very competent if not mind blowing.

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          Note that this is based purely on a single visit, but I'd say significantly improved ambiance, a "fresher" taste to the curries - a good half-step upgrade, and as an extra bonus my wife didn't get an upset stomach afterward, as she often does from Indian food, though that may be because they tended to use a little less spice than Kinara does and she can't deal with the spice.

          I think I'll still rely on Kinara for satisfying my tikka masala and saag paneer delivery craving, as I prefer their spicing, digestive issues notwithstanding, but I'm thrilled to have a viable dine-in Indian option now, as Kinara really isn't one.

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            thanks for the response - i actually have only ever enjoyed kinara delivered, but your endorsement of the ambiance at Balaka is good to keep in mind if we were looking to go out (esp with the BYO) without going too far.

            For a somewhat nondescript 5th avenue spot we have found Kinara to be fairly authentic (down to the potential for digestive disturbance in those prone to such things - this is not a knock on Kinara at all, i spend most of a month in india knowing that i was eating food greasy enough, spicy enough, or both enough to "hurt" me, but that it was worth it for the deliciousness factor - and, for the record i've felt fine after eating there several times)

            1. re: cjd260

              I also use Kinara for takeout, and am always pleased by the strong spicing. At my one visit to Balaka, I thought the food was too sweet.

            2. re: tex.s.toast

              I preferred it to Kinara, though I haven't eaten Kinara food for a while -- I really burnt out on it. The curries at Balaka seemed less greasy than Kinara's (again, it's been a while). And I liked their flavors. They would probably make them spicy on request.

            3. Based on the comments on this board, we tried Balaka this evening. Either we hit it on a bad night, or we ordered wrong, or it's gone seriously downhill since these reviews were posted. Among the issues--onion chutney was very sweet (and decidedly uninteresting), chicken tandoori was served with soggy, cold onions and was seriously overcooked and dried out, ditto for lamb kabobs, saag paneer was bland.

              I guess we'll continue crossing the bridge for Indian food for the time being.

              522 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215