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Special occasion dinner in Baltimore

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Boyfriend and I have had a stressful month and would like to go out to a nice dinner in early January (likely Saturday 9-Jan). We are looking for an excuse to dress up. No budget but The Charleston is probably too expensive for this. We looked into Volt but they are booked for a long time. We like any types of food and would prefer to try somewhere we haven't been before. Anywhere in Baltimore City or County. Would also consider Howard County or Westminster for somewhere truely special.

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  1. Prime Rib
    Cinghiale (good $55-or-so prix fixe)
    Antrim 1844

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      tio pepe is fun and good food. its pretty traditional spanish food, so based on the other places you mentioned, charleston and volt, i dont know if that is what you are looking for.

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        Tio Pepe is exactly the type of place we are looking for. However we have eaten there twice and are looking for a place we havent been before.

    2. You might want to consider Kali's Court in Fells Point. I've always had very favorable experiences dining there. I second Charleston, but you may be right about the price point.

      Cafe Troia in Towson is another consideration. They offer excellent Italian food in a lovely atmosphere. FoiGras

      1. The Milton Inn on York Rd in Sparks, MD (just north of Hunt Valley) has always been a favorite. Very elegant, comfortable, romantic and with delicious food; quite nice for special occasions. The building also has a bit of interesting history as well!

        website: www.miltoninn.com

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          Looking at the Miltons Inn website it looks like it might be a little "old" for us. We are 29. Please let me know if this impression is correct.

        2. I don't know Baltimore all that well, but if you're looking for something off the beaten path, try Martick's. It's this little French place where you have to ring outside to be let in, at which point the proprietor cooks only what he feels like making on that particular occasion. Very eccentric, yeah, but also really good — I took the girlfriend there for our three-year anniversary (we broke up through no fault of this restaurant's). It's really great.

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            I was searching WEB for the address and per City Paper, it appears Martick's is closed?

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                I'm sorry to hear that. I wonder what happened

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                  Morris Martick retired. I miss him and his restaurant! "No, you can't have ice teawith your pate. If you'd like a glass of wine I've got..." What a character.

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              what about tersiguels in ellicott city? i havent been in a while but last time i went I enjoyed it. Jordans in ellicott city is good too, but i think they either closed or moved?


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                Jordan's has closed. Tersiguels is quite nice, but I wouldn't make it a primary destination restaurant.

                I still stand by Kali's Court, Charleston, Cafe Troia, Oregon Grill for a dressy night out with good food. Oregon Grill has a pianist and is very romantic, but, if you feel that the Milton Inn is too stodgey for your age then the Oregon Grill may fall into that category.

                Hope, whatever you decide, that you have a fantastic dinner and romantic evening. FoiGras

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                We went to B&O for my honey's birthday and really enjoyed it. Beautiful space. Creative food and drinks. The special on the night we were there was a mixed grill that came out on a pig ceramic cooker, so you could cook the meat as long as you wanted to. Definitely worth a try...

              3. WOODBERRY! Love that place.

                If you want to get fancy, Prime Rib is a good choice. I thought when I was going there it would be too stuffy, but my boyfriend and I had a wonderful time and it felt good to get a little dressed up! (we're same age as you guys too) :)

                What about Jack's? Salt is really high on my list too.

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                  How about The Peppermill on York Road in Lutherville MD.


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                    The Peppermill is definately an old persons restaurant!

                2. Let's revisit the OP's stipulations. They're looking for someplace special, where they can "dress up". I'm assuming that means that they'd appreciate their fellow patrons to be dressed spiffily (sp?). I'd say there are few places in B'more that meet that criteria. Salt and Jack's, while having excellent food, I wouldn't say are "dress up" restaurants.

                  I still contend that tops on that list is the Prime Rib.

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                    I'm not sure that "wanting to dress up" and "not wanting an old people's place" are compatible.

                  2. I'm a fan of Sander's Corner in the Loch Raven Resevoir area. It's not all that dressy, but they definately have good food and aren't an OP place. If you want a steakhouse, I've always liked Ruth's Chris in the city, and they meet the dress up requirement, though they can be a bit expensive. If you want to try something new and unique, Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant (Downtown Baltimore) has excellent food but a bit of a cramped interior and is generally quite busy. It's hard to recommend not knowing what kind of food you like.

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                      We go to Dukem all the time. Absoletely love it but not really a "special occasion" place.

                    2. I agree with Woodberry Kitchen. I had the special, a smokey roasted trout stuffed with apple -- absolutely perfect. For dessert the chocolate pudding was out of this world and nicely priced at $5. Another place I like for special occasions is Brewer's Art -- the mussels are great.