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Dec 24, 2009 01:57 PM

Solo dining in Las vegas on christmas Day

visiting Vegas solo - looking for a friendly place with good food for christmas dinner on the strip.


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  1. PRIME is a wonderful restaurant in the Bellagio. They take wonderful care of solo diners. And they have these lovely two tops in a small room off to the side that are perfect for a solo diner. It is a glass room so you do no feel set apart but it is intimate and has a great view of the fountains.

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    1. re: Tom P

      thanks - was well treated at breakfast at Paris bistro at the front and had dinner at the bar at aureole last nigght which was Ok but nothing special Prime sounds like a place to check out,

      1. re: Northender

        Aureole used to be great... I've had meals at the bar there, also. But it does not seem to reach it's former heights. I do love PRIME. Also, at Mandalay, Charlie Palmer Steak is a great solo diner place. I forgot to mention I did a solo gig at Nob Hill, at MGM, once and was very well taken care of.