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Dec 24, 2009 01:36 PM

Dim Sum fix in MD

Hi, Ok I've gotten to the point I can't wait another momet for Hollywood East to fix this or that and I need a DIM SUM FIX!!

It has been some time since I've gone to Silver Fountain in Aspin Hill; they were ok but when I found HWEOTB (in the old location), I just never went back as it was so much better.

New Kam Fong in Wheaton is good but correct me if I'm wrong but they don't have carts right?

Good Fortune in Wheaton has been a bit long in the tooth the last few times I've been the last few times I've gone but it has been a long time since I've gone....

So allow me to ask folks if they can point me to any good place in MD they have found is a good cart rolling Dim Sum spot?

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  1. Oriental East in Silver Spring. On weekends and holidays, get there early, like before it opens. Big crowds. It's a small place.

    New Fortune in Gaithersburg. Same advice on arrival time, except you can probably get there 15 min after opening since it is a huge place.

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      Second these two choices, with a nod to New Fortune, but search the archives - this topic has been hashed to death a dozen times.

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        Food's OK at OEast, but the staff is made mean by the crowds, who watch you eat and get in their way.

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          So, Thanks for the New Fortune pointer, we went and it is a BIG place and no waiting to get a seat. The carts ran fast and we were stuffed. MaiTais were solid cocktail with a nice blast to get the day going. I think overall the food was "OK" but nothing was outstanding or bad for that matter.

          Later went back to Silver Fountain in Aspin Hill and had a bit of a wait to get in as we arrived at 12:15. The food was GOOD and MaiTais were very good. Only a few moments did the carts slow down but the pace picked up fast to keep up with demand.

          Something that I love in service: It has been over a year yet a waitress we know a love long ago sill recalled us and jumped right on our table to keep things going smooth.

          One note on another string going on Ping Pong in Chinatown...I did not see anyone talk about carts, everyone orders off the menu. Darn that would take all the fun out of Dim Sum.

          Last, I don't post near as much as some but don't need the ding about hashing this to death. Indeed I do know how to search. I was hoping for some current info. A search of "Dim Sum" in Md does not have much current info.

      2. Both A&J and Joe's Noodle House on Rockville Pike in Rockville are quite good, but are menu service, not carts. A&J has been amazingly consistent for years and is always delicious (and offer a wide range of options for non-meat eaters BTW) but is cash only.

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        1. re: mrsammich

          I agree on A&J and Joe's. Go to Rockville.

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            I love A&J and Joe's, but neither is dim sum, as the OP requested.

            1. re: DanielK

              Dim Sum commonly refers to the Hong Kong style small plate breakfast and lunch items. Some people refers to A&J's dishes as dim sum but that's misleading as it's a northern Chinese restaurant with some Taiwanese influence, nothing like the Hong Kong style that's commonly associated with dim sum.

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                Yes, that's what I said. In less words. :-)

          2. So, will Hollywood East ever return?

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            1. re: Mister Big

              Yes, their buildout is complete - just waiting for the last few permits to be issued.