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Dec 24, 2009 01:28 PM

This Sunday and this Wednesday, where?

Hello you remarkably useful people, you. We've followed your advice, had some terrific meals. And now we're on our last week. I've got 2 evenings to book. Sunday and Wednesday. Who's got some ideas? We're a family of 6, but our kids are troupers. They devoured the monstrous portion of foie gras at Josephine Chez Dumonet (not to mention the 4 desserts, each of which could easily have served the entire table) and our 6 year-old told the chef at L'Epi Dupin that his beef cheeks were "tres excellente." They're up for anything (even, it turns out, offal. At least kidney).

So, what do you say? Who's got some brilliant, can't miss, suggestions? And don't say Chez L'Ami Jean unless you can figure out how to get us a reservation this Wednesday night!


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  1. Wednesday is easy, but Sunday:
    Fables de la Fontaine
    131, rue Saint-Dominique, 7th (Metro : Ecole Militaire)
    T : 01 44 18 37 55
    A la carte about 40 €.

    Shan Gout
    22, rue Hector Malo, 12th (Metro: Gare de Lyon)
    Closed Mondays
    A la carte about 30 €

    Lao Lane Xang 2
    102, Ave d’Ivry, 13th (Metro: Tolbiac)
    T: 01 58 89 00 00
    Closed Wednesdays
    Lunch menu 10,80 €, 20–25 € à la carte

    44, rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 11th
    T :
    Open 7/7
    Lunch menus 19.50-29.50 €, a la carte 30-35

    16-18, place Gaillon, 2nd (Metro: Quatre-Septembre)
    Open everyday
    Plat de jour 20 €, Lunch Menu 45 €, Menu-carte 67 €.

    Le Reminet
    3, rue des Grands-Degres, 5th (Metro : St Michel, Maubert-Mutualite)
    T :
    Open 7/7
    Lunch menu 13.50 €, dinner a la carte 40-60 €.

    John Talbott

    1. I got a reservation at CAJ this wednesday night -- but maybe it was the last?

      L'Auberge Bressane would work, both wed and sun. Fish too. Le Quincy for wed maybe.