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Dec 24, 2009 01:27 PM

Flour tortilla undercover crepe

Just read in a cookbook about faking a crepe by soaking a flour tortilla in milk and egg batter. Point being, it saves the headache of 'losing' the temperamental batter if you're cooking with it all day long.

Anyone try this?

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  1. I can only recommend that you try it at a non-stressful time and report back. I can't see it being anywhere near the same thing, frankly, so I look forward to reading your assessment.

    1. I would think it would depend on who you're serving it to. Someone familiar with crepes would notice in less than one bite I would think.


      1. Crepe batter has some flour like a tortilla.
        I'd think it would be something like French toast but with a tortilla rather than bread.

        1. A crepe is much lighter & thinner in texture than a tortilla; I suppose you can use them similarly but it is not the same.