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Dec 24, 2009 01:17 PM

Tim Hortons on W 72 street

Tim's opened in the Coldstone shop on W72. Stopped in, everything looks & smells great!!! They are planning a grand opening on Jan 15.

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    1. re: trixareforkids

      No,they seem to be sharing the space, at least for now. Seems similar to the Dunkin Donuts and Baskin and Robbins arrangement, I pass by that block nearly everyday and still notice the Coldstone stand outside and can see the ice cream inside. Not sure if this will change.

    2. Oh, yuk!!!!

      Don't tell me people in Manhattan are actually drinking that crap, are they???!!!!

      I drive by one every 5 minutes and won't bother stopping in. Worst toxic waste in the world! If you're that desperate for a taste of Canada, buy a jug of maple syrup or something. Tim's is an over-rated blight of sewage, be it in North Bay, Kandahar or Manhattan....

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      1. re: Thatcher

        Thatcher, I share your sentiments. Tim Hortons has truly disgusting coffee.