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Dec 24, 2009 12:46 PM

Any East Coast style Chinese food in Seattle?

I moved here from Boston about 2 years ago and have yet to have anything resembling the Chinese food in Boston or NorthEast. I'm looking for beef teriyaki on the bamboo stick, big fat crunchy egg rolls, crab rangoon, barbeque pork and DUCK SAUCE!! I understand this isn't authentic Chinese, but it's what I'm looking for. I'd love to find a place with a pupu platter including these items!

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  1. I gave up trying to find New England Chinese food years ago. Now I just make my own.

    1. where in Boston did you find this type of food? I would not call this East Coast style. Anyway, try the happy hour at O'Asian in downtown Seattle.

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        In Boston, I think Kowloon in Saugus still has a Chinese American/Polynesian menu like that. Back in the day it was a Boston icon, like Anthony's Pier 4, the walls lined w celebrity pix. I'm sure there are several outposts in the 'burbs, but Kowloon is the most prominent.

        In Seattle, I think Louie's Cuisine of China in Ballard has a lot of those dishes on its menu. I've never been there, but when we lived in Seattle, people we knew who were into that style of food, liked Louie's.

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          see also Moon Temple, in Wallingford, and Rickshaw at 105th

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            Almost every city near Boston has at least one place that has the food the OP referred to. Not saying it is all good, just that is is everywhere. And tomorrow night- all of them- good or bad, will be doing a bang up take out business!

          2. Gotta second the rec for Louie's...American-Chinese food at it's best. :o)


            1. You're probably gonna have a hard time finding duck sauce, tho. Ketchup, mustard, and sesame seeds seem standard away from the East. I used to make duck sauce when I was in high school, working in a Chinese American place.

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                Isn't duck sauce what we call plum sauce here? I get it with my roast duck when I pick up Chinese BBQ.

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                  It's plum sauce with additives to stretch it (i.e. sugar, vinegar, applesauce, & very dark, molasses laden soy sauce).

              2. Did they have chow mein burgers back east? I saw one on TV before and have craved it ever since.