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Dec 24, 2009 12:18 PM

quick advice needed!

How far ahead can I make crab cakes? I want to make mini ones for appetizers tomorrow but want to do it tonight and fry in the morning. I have an egg as a binder and was wondering if that would be ok to add in so I can form the the cakes now while I have time.

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  1. Yes, you can make them tonight; as long as they stay refrigerated, they'll be fine....

    1. yep, cheryl's got your back on this. no problem as long as they stay in the fridge overnight.

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      1. re: appycamper

        as long as I refrigerate them? Darn. I was counting on leaving them on the counter all night :P j/k

        thanks for the advice!

        1. re: bw2082

          lol. your only alternative is leaving them in a warm oven or next to santa's cookies by the fireplace. one choice is better than the other two ;-)

      2. Anybody remember Billy Crystal's line about crab cakes in "Mr. Saturday Night" ?