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Dec 24, 2009 09:50 AM

Recommendations for Wickenburg AZ

We will be spending two days in Wickenburg soon, and were looking for some good places for lunch or dinner. Nothing too fancy, but no fast food.

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  1. WIckenburg doesn't really have any great resaurants,there are quite a few "okay" places and a few good places but no outstanding spots.
    For breakfast I would recommend Twin Wheels Cafe,Cowboy Cafe,and Anita's Cocina.
    For lunch the one spot that I really like is Nana's sandwich shop.
    Dinner is a little harder to advise,Anita's Cocina has decent Tex-Mex style Mexican food,there is also the Rancho Bar Seven which is spotty at best but has a varied American menu.Charley's Steak House is good for steaks and some seafood and is consistent but not outstanding.Ranco de los Caballeros has great food but is pricey and you will need to call for reservations ,it also has a dress code for dinner.
    There is a good place in Congress Az. which is 13 mi. north on hwy. 89 called Nichols West,I have never had a bad meal there and they are moderately priced.Good Luck
    There is a excellent Museum in Wickenburg,too bad they don't serve food.

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    1. re: twodogs

      I worked at Rancho de los Caballeros 30 years ago, and am glad to know the food is still good. Thanks for the recs.

      1. re: catzen

        Catzen,what dept did you work in at Los Cab?Was Teddy the Chef at that time?
        The place is pretty much the same as far as the dining room goes,the bar has been remodeled a couple of times since then.It's still a great place.

        1. re: twodogs

          Yes, Teddy was the chef, A few of his assistants from Maine made some great tex-mex back then. There were a lot of us from Maine, as a matter of fact.

      2. re: twodogs

        Was at Cowboy Cafe this am and wanted to give an update.

        We were in the area to recon a location for a friend that died and we needed to find the area he had requested that his ashes be spread in. We got an EARLY start out of Phoenix (to beat the heat and traffic on I-17). Spent nearly three hours out in the desert and stopped at Cowboy Cafe on our way back through Wickenburg.

        We walked past the entrance as there was no signage out. When we entered, we were told that someone would be right with us. There are booths on the perimeter of the room and wooden tables in the center and the place is crammed w/ kitchy cowboy stuff. There were two other couples seated when we entered and two waitresses. The waitresses continued to talk while we waited. We were seated at a booth and were brought menus and asked what we were drinking. Nothing but water for us as we'd coffee'd up on the drive up. Large glasses of water were brought promptly and our order.

        Menu is sparse breakfast and some lunch items of mostly fried foods. SO had sausage with eggs over medium with house fries and a side of 1/2 biscuits and gravy. I had ham w/ eggs over hard w/ house fries and biscuit ilo toast. We happened to notice that it took the waitress a good 10 minutes to get our order into the kitchen. No other customers entered the restaurant and she spent the time chatting it up with the other waitress. Normally, we would not notice such an activity but we were hungry. While our waitress took our order to the kitchen, the other waitress came over to our table and asked if everything was ok. Um, we sitting there with water and a newspaper, um, yeah . . . .

        Meanwhile another couple came in and were told "Sit where you like". WTF?

        I went to use the restroom to clean off the desert silt and the toilet was "Out of Order". WTF?

        Food came quickly once the order hit the kitchen. Potatoes were not done. They looked good with crisp brown skin but were not cooked through. They were rather crunchy. My eggs were still runny inside. That is the reason I order them over hard - runny yolks sqeeze me out. The biscuit had been nuked and was still raw dough in the center. SO's biscuit and gravy was very bland but he did like the sausage.

        I don't know if it was an off day, but next weekend, we're bringing our friend's family up for the ash scattering and am sure we'll stop for food. There will be at least seven people going. We've steered them to the Gold Nugget Cafe. Maybe they do a better lunch but I was really turned off with everything from the service to the food.

        1. re: JerryMe

          Had breakfast at the Gold Nugget yesterday. I had to give a shout out. Our group of nine came in and we were promptly seated. Service was great. Food came out in short order and altho it wasn't spectacular, it was made correctly and it came out hot and all at the same time.

          I wanted to give kudos to the Gold Nugget - they really did a great job by us.

          Gold Nugget Restaurant
          222 E Wickenburg Way, Wickenburg, AZ 85390