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Please help me - I have high cholesterol :(

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I am determined to stay off statins, but I love meat and cheese and all dairy products (not to mention shrimp and chicken livers). My biggest problem is breakfast. I cannot stand oatmeal - any kind. What should I be eating? I really don't do well on restircted dieting...

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  1. There are a few cutting-edge researchers who think that high cholesterol is actually the body's way of protecting against an acidic bloodstream, which is caused by an acidic diet. A great way of alkalizing your bloodstream is to eat fresh, ripe fruit. Even acidic fruits like oranges, grapefruit, and lemons are actually alkalizing to the bloodstream. Once fruits are cooked, canned, or juiced and pasteurized, they usually change to being acidifying.

    So eating as much fresh fruit for breakfast as you want (or can stand) is a good way to alkalize the body--plus it provides plenty of fiber. Adding some ground flaxseed to a fresh fruit salad will also help lower cholesterol, and it will help to even out your blood sugar if that's a concern for you.

    And adding some more fresh vegetables to the rest of your meals can also help to balance an acidic diet. I also understand that garlic can help normalize cholesterol levels.

    If you want to be more conventional, a high-fiber cereal with almond milk might help you get whole grains without dairy or the need to eat oatmeal. You can always add sliced bananas and/or fresh berries to the cereal, too.

    Also, virgin coconut oil is a great-tasting alternative to butter for cooking, and although it has saturated fat, it won't raise your cholesterol levels.

    I agree that statins are bad; red yeast rice might be a good alternative if diet changes don't work. Best of luck!

    1. Olive oil, nuts and avocados. One year, by eating more of those 3 things, my cholesterol went from a borderline 199 to a safe 171.

      1. No worries. You have lots of options. Are you more into savory or sweet breakfasts?


        - whole grain toast with egg white, tomato and green pepper frittata (possible to make ahead; someone posted a note under "home cooking" a while ago about making omelet or frittata in muffin pans in large batches, and then freezing)
        - pan roasted tomatoes with garlic and olive oil + whole grain toast
        - whole grain pita with good, garlicky hummus and sliced tomatoes
        - a vegetarian "burger" patty (Boca brand vegan patties would be great), possibly broken up and sauteed with tomatoes and garlic
        - egg whites with guacamole on whole grain toast... or, similarly, a breakfast burrito with whole grain tortilla + egg whites, guac, beans and veggies


        - stewed prunes with cinammon + bran waffles
        - very low fat oatmeal cookies made with egg whites and prune butter in place of oils
        - whole grain granola (you can make some lovely homemade versions with dried berries, walnuts / almonds, cinnamon)
        - applesauce with cinnamon and fruit add-ins (strawberry, blueberry, banana, etc...)
        - yogurt with fiber added (i.e. some Stonybrook Farm varieties) + fruit (and granola, if you want, or wheat germ)
        - smoothies with yogurt, OJ, fruit
        - whole grain toast with a bit of almond butter and apple slices

        If you're open to non-traditional (or at least U.S. traditional) breakfast foods, one of my favorite breakfast foods of all time is soup. Make a low fat chicken with vegetables soup, maybe with barley or brown rice and breakfast on that.