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Dec 24, 2009 09:08 AM

Bakeries in SF selling deserts with chestnuts? Cakes or tarts?

Any one know of a SF bakery (or more than one) that sells a desert with chestnuts in it, either a cake or a tart? Thanks and happy holidays.

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  1. not in SF, but there's a chestnut mont blanc from Masse's Pastries. 1469 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley. 510-649-1004. some customer place order in July! - I haven't tried it, just sounds interesting to me.

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      Thanks, can't get over there today, hope someone knows of something in SF.

      1. re: HungryJon

        Chinese bakeries such as Sheng Kee usually have chestnet cakes.

        There's a Sheng kee on Irving and 20th Ave in the Sunset.