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What restaurant has your favorite duck?

I was going to title this thread 'Quack about your favorite duck' but thought better of it

Anywhoo...lets see if this thread takes flight (sorry).

Brigstens? Upperline? Lots more choices, I'm sure!

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    1. re: edible complex

      Thanks again EC. Did I read somewhere that Irene's is hard to get into - no reservations, long waits?

      1. re: leetmom7

        minimal reservations, moderate waits during peak seatings (ive waited longed at Jacques-Imo's)

    2. I love duck, and one of the best duck dishes I have ever had was the vanilla scented duck at Luke. My wife, who is not a big duck eater, thought it was the single best thing she ate in our wonderful week of eating through NOLA. Not sure if it's on the menu all the time, but it's worth a try if it is.

      1. My vote would go to Brigsten's. And, if I recall correctly, Brigsten's across the street neighbor, Dante's Kitchen has (or had) more than one good duck dish.

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        1. re: bodie

          I had Brigsten's duck and it was excellent.

        2. We dined at Irene's last night. We showed up ten minutes before they opened (5:30) - there was a short line, soon it was pretty long - we were about fifth in - and we were seated immediately.

          DH and I ordered the duck - OMG - perfect heaven, I think I like duck now!

          One down, two or three more to go!

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          1. re: leetmom7

            is, was, and will always be Chef Sonnier's version @ Gabrielle

          2. For a change of pace, grab a duck po boy at crabby jack's, across the Jefferson Parish line.

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            1. re: dcbbq

              And for a different change of pace, check out the duck at Tan Dinh. So scrumptious.

            2. J'Anita's at the Aveue Pub on St. Charles Ave. has a great duck panini called St. Chuck Duck. Another delightful change of pace.

              1. Finally back home and recovered - for our last meal, I couldn't find Gabrielle's, and my heart was set on Luke's for NYE. My game plan was to show up at 5:00-5:30 to beat the crowds, but DH, my photo bug, decided that it was more important to take pictures of the rising moon from the dock at Blaine's Mardi Gras World. By the time we got back to the hotel to pick up the kids and change clothes, it was too late for any of the good restaurants *snif*. But...we ended up in line at The Gumbo Shop and guess what - they had a mean 1/2 roast duck! Thanks to everyone for your help.

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                1. re: leetmom7

                  You couldn't find Gabrielle because it doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately. But it sounds like you had a great trip!

                2. Unequivocally Brigtsens! I am hungry just dreaming about it!

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                    1. I had duck (just two weeks ago) at both Brigsten's and Commander's Palace. Both excellent, but I would give the nod, by some margin, to CP.

                      1. One on Hampson has the best duck and okra gumbo!

                        1. Best duck I've ever had was at Upperline, but that was easily 2002. I've had dinner there once since Katrina and it just was not what I remembered. Would love to see them capture their glory days again.

                          1. Chef Greg's Duck Cassoulet (deconstructed) at Bistro Maison de Ville is amazing. Can't be missed.

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                              Yes....that cassoulet is wicked awesome!

                            2. Cafe Atchafalya (or just "Atchafalya" now, I think) has a very good andouille stuffed duck that's not on the regular menu, but appears as a special quite frequently.

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                              1. re: CheeburgerCheeburger

                                The Woman in The Hat has never met a duck on a menu she didn't like. After years of her being a Brigtsen's partisan, I got her to Upperline when we were in town in 2009, she ate duck on two consecutive nights, and it's now a toss-up.

                              2. Brigsten's - as good as it gets. Pelican Club - the duck trio thing they do (usually includes breast, confit and something else) is delicious!