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Dec 24, 2009 08:23 AM

Attention Phoenix BBQ hounds-- is Fritzi's Heart and Soul BBQ in Avondale any good?

Does anyone have any information about this place? Are we talking real slow smoked, smoke ring BBQ, or is this parboiled and covered with sauce?

Mr Taster

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  1. I ordered from Fritzi's to cater lunch when I was doing work out that way, last February. Very, very good. I can't tell you if it was slow smoked or parboiled. Taste buds don't have that memory.

    I CAN tell you that every thing was delish, even the sides. They were most efficient getting my order ready (called in) and everyone I served went back for seconds.

    Would I go again? You bet, in a heart beat and I would recommend them. Would I drive from Central Phx to Avondale, just for that meal? Probably not, but I truly hate traffic.

    1. If it is slow cooked, they would have smoker either on-premise or at the very least, a remote location from which to constantly bring in food. If the meat is boiled then it should tend to be sticking to rather than falling off the bones!

      1. Fritzi's is very good and they have a smoker outside and inside. Love the sides they are always mixing and making! Recommend you give it a try. We can't go as often as we would like but we go as much as we can

        1. It's definitely covered with sauce (true Missouri style).

          In that area, I think I prefer Walt's up the street on Dysart.

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            Hi ipse, What type of BBQ is Walt's?

            Mr Taster

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              I'm no 'que expert, but from what I'm told Walt's does a Texas style barbecue. Supposedly the place smokes their meats for something like 15-20 hours using pecan wood chips.