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Dec 24, 2009 08:14 AM

paris for NYE... need help!

i will be in paris with a group of 6 for a few days. we're trying to have moderately priced meals and don't mind travelling for good food. with limited options due to holiday closings, we are trying to finalize where to go. we came across some through recommendations from friends and others through searching this board. of the ones we believe are open during that week, we have 4 "planned" meals to work with... which would be the best from this list?

villa monceau
le tournebievre
chez les anges
fish la boissonnerie
mon vieil ami (only open nye)

one of these would be a NYE dinner also. i know most of these places are reasonably priced but will they have super inflated NYE menus? we want to stay within budget for that meal (40ish euros per person before wine). we've made some reservations but can swap things around. i've also suggested we get a platter and good wine from a nice market but my group is somewhat interested in going out since it will be our first night in paris. any thoughts?

also, which of these is the best option for a date night for 2? ambience is good but food is better. :)

any recommendations would be of great help! so many options and so little time... just wanna make sure i make the best of my meals!

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  1. Chez l'Ami Jean will be open tue-wed-thu lunch. As cramped as it might be, it is a must for food lovers in my opinion.

    40e pp on NYE in a decent Parisian bistrot? Well: should you be captured or killed, the President will disavow all knowledge of your actions. You can try Fish, though, they usually are open everyday but christmas day and often don't inflate their prices. I would expect l'Uitr to be a possibility as well as it is usually open every day.

    I never heard of the first two in your list. Can you tell us more?

    None in your list strikes me as a date place. But then again, what do you look for in a date place? You mention food but that's maybe not the only thing? (unless it's a date of food nerds, which I can very much sympathise with -- in that case, Christophe would do).

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      thanks for the response! i tried calling chez l'ami jean but unfortunately, it's not open the days that we are there due to the holiday. :(

      i know, i know... 40E pp NYE is asking a lot! :) i believe villa monceau has a 48E prix fixe that night but i was wondering if any other notable places had decent menus as well. i would be happy staying in with a platter and wine, but some of my friends want to be out since we will just be arriving that day. would you recommend fish or l'uitr?

      the first two on the list are recommendations from a friend who spends a decent amount of time in paris. i was hoping someone here could tell me more about them since i found little/no reviews on them when searching online. i believe they are traditional french places though.

      date night for us was just going to be the night we went off and had our own dinner without the group. i was leaning towards christophe or chez les anges. doesn't have to be fancy or anything... we're working with a limited budget and are completely thrilled with plain ol' good food. from the photos, we like the modern decor at chez les anges. however, if the food at christophe blows it away, we'll take that instead and do the other with the group!

      1. re: souphie

        I think CAJ is open for dinner on those days too. They took my res for next Tuesday night.

        1. re: Busk

          I think the OP is here starting 31st at night, and CAJ doesn't reopen until tuesday lunch. January 5.

          1. re: souphie

            yeah... thanks. unfortunately, we're only there thursday to sunday. CAJ was at the top of my list along with several others but because of the days that we are there, they all had to get scratched off. :(

            1. re: ksdu

              So I didn't reserve at the crappy Chez l'Ami Jean near Gare Austerlitz by mistake....


      2. In the 18th there's a happening little dive that I love called JustBe that will have a 50 euro/pp dinner on NYE. It's not a foodie place (though the food is not at all bad), but the atmosphere is warm, deco is fab, has inventive cocktails, and it's a wonderful place for a group. You can check out their NYE menu-

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          Schetc: tell us more - I must pass it 3 times a week on the bus and have never seen it; what do they serve on non-NYE days? Thanks

          John Talbott

          1. re: John Talbott

            JT- it's one of those places that serves a little bit of everything- pasta, stir-fry, burgers. I know, not a good sign. They do offer a cute post-lunch menu of several pots of tapenade and other spreads. Burgers aren't half bad, desserts are deliciously homemade. I certainly wouldn't get off the bus for their savory food alone, but the service and cocktails hit the spot. I normally would never recommend Justbe to a foodie, but for NYE I could think of much worse.

        2. Try a place near Notre Dame (on the left bank) called "Itineraires". It small, but not as tiny as the owners' (husband and wife chef and manager) former space, which was a few tables on the rue Paul Bert, and had to be reserved months in advance due to the lack of capacity. "Itineraire" was were they moved a little over a year ago, and while it's still small and intimate, it's huge by comparison. Excellent food, excellent wines.

          Unfortunately, and "Itineraires" may fall into the same category, most Parisian restaurants feature expensive prix fixe menus on NYE, so it's very hard to get around this. And the main celebration is in the Place de la Concorde, where the fireworks display is held. You'll be far removed from those masses at "Itineraire", but the area around Notre Dame will definitely be very crowded.

          It's too bad you won't be able to enjoy l'Ami Jean (which, by the way, would be in a great neighborhood from which to get a view of the fireworks). If not on NYE, you should try to get there at some point. Wonderful SW food, very fair prices, and if you ever do make it there, do not leave without having the rice pudding for dessert.

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          1. re: loenzobw

            Fireworks? Does Paris have fireworks? I didn't think so.

            Reports of Itineraires are mixed, I ate there after it opened (July 2008) and had a poor meal, reviews picked up after it settled down, but recent reports are still quite patchy.

            1. re: PhilD

              "Reports of Itineraires are mixed"

              Agreed on Itineraires; very spotty record; he did much better at Temps Au Temps where only he did the cooking.

            2. re: loenzobw

              There's a "son et lumière" at the Eiffel tower -- I don't think it includes fireworks.