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Dec 24, 2009 07:44 AM


Used to enjoy this eatery at their prior location. Yesterday everything was too salty.
Especially the octopus. Service was brusque. Was this just an anomoly?

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  1. I had an experience with terrible oversalting relatively recently, too, though not really with brusque service. I love my food salty, but this was almost inedibly so. I figured it was an anomaly and a relatively recent development as dishes were still otherwise well prepared and had been on previous visits to the new (now not-so-new) location. I'm sad to hear you experienced it, too. (IIRC, my oversalted dishes were the sweetbreads and octopus appetizers, sheeps milk dumplings entree)

    1. Barry's being kind. I was at that meal, and the obscene over-salting was just the beginning of the problems. All the cooking was graceless. Muddy flavors, lackluster everything. And "brusque" is a generous description of the service. Everyone I dealt with there seemed pretty nasty and stuck-up. Ugh. Never again....

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        Jim, This has been my experience at Kefi, former location. Never bothered to follow them to Amsterdam. It's like the antithesis of true Greek cuisine/dining experience.