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Dec 24, 2009 07:29 AM

Restaurant week winter 2010

can't believe I am still trying ! As you may know, the most reliable and wonderful Grammercy Tavern not doing it this year
Know anything about Fig and Olive, Kittchai, Quality Meats, Rayuela, Shang, Lure Fish Bar, Pompano , and whether they usually have the special price for lunch anyway? any other recs for rw lunch appreciated. My favs are usually but not always fresh seafood, hot and spicy ,ethnic (not Italian or French)
anyone want to join me for lunch if we find something good?

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  1. I've heard good things about RW at Quality Meats in the past. I did NOT enjoy my meal at Shang that much, so I'd skip it. How did you find out about GT? Did you call and ask?

    I've always had a good experience at any Danny Meyer restaurant like Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, Union Square Cafe, etc. (IIRC GT did a "harvest menu" for a similar price last summer BUT only for one week rather than the full RW period.) I also typically dine well at restaurants who usually don't have a large lunch crowd but are popular for dinner (Lupa was pretty good, as was A Voce).

    FYI, for anybody who is reading this, Restaurant Week Winter 2010 will be Jan. 25-Feb. 7, 2010. Participating restaurants will be serving special lunch and/or dinner menus: three-course, prix-fixe meals for $24.07 and $35, respectively, not including beverages, tip or tax. Some restaurants participate only for lunch, others only for dinner, and others do both. Many of the restaurants will restrict participation to Monday-Friday (no weekends) or Monday-Saturday and do lunch only.

    NYCGo holds the list pretty tightly until it's officially announced. They are the ones who run RW and don't let people know the full list until they want to. HOWEVER, although NYCGo says reservations "start" on January 12, most restaurants open their books about a month in advance, so you can gamble and make reservations at places you THINK will participate, and then cancel later.

    Restaurant Week is indeed a great *idea* but you need to be aware of the pitfalls:
    - huge crowds and rushed service (most good places are slammed)
    - restaurants that cut corners (i.e., only two choices per course -- chicken and fish, none of the signature dishes, etc.)
    - getting shut out of reservations since you didn't call 28, 30, or 31 days in advance
    - the *really* high quality and popular restaurants usually do not participate
    - restaurants that already have a prix fixe deal that is in that price range (Devi, EMP, JG, Del Posto, Tocqueville, etc.)


    Official site:

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    1. re: kathryn

      thanks kathryn great info
      I called GT re RW and they said not this year and no specials except for some sandwich combo in the front bar..... too bad

      1. re: willtravel

        So many great reviews of the moderne but its only rw at dinner. Perhaps I should go for it at nite!!!

        1. re: willtravel

          They always have a soup and sandwich special in the Tavern Room for lunch. I think it's $14 or something like that.

          I *definitely* recommend the Bar Room at the Modern for RW dinner! I've dined there several times and I can say with certainty that the quality is the same as non-RW meals. Plus, they give you something like 7-8 choices for each course.

          1. re: kathryn

            thinking to also book quality meats any idea of their menu?

            1. re: willtravel

              I'd contact them directly, much closer to the date, because restaurants often don't know until right before RW starts.

              1. re: kathryn

                thanks I was thinking of what they offered in previous years as an indicator of types of choices for this year of course things change

                1. re: willtravel

                  thanks for all help both modern for dinner and quality meats for lunch were excellent choices .
                  I think tho for myself for ribs I would stick to a heartier type place like Blue Smoke and instead try the steak at quality meats