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Dec 24, 2009 07:05 AM

Tonic Water - Seagrams?

I have read a lot of the other posts about various tonic waters, but never see anyone mention Seagrams as an option. Most people seem to focus on the standards (schweppes, canada dry) or the slightly more upscale (Q, 365).

Every time i have had a G & T with Seagrams Tonic Water, it seems to be the best thing i have ever tasted. But, for some reason, the only place i see it is when i am flying (usually Airtran) and on rare occasion when traveling. Maybe it is just not sold in my area (IL)? Can anyone second my love of this other option in tonic water or comment on why i can't seem to find it anywhere?

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    1. OMG, YES!!! I second your love of Seagrams! I live in the PHX area and just had my first (not first ever ;) G&T with Seagrams on a SWA flight. BEST ever, even without my usual two drops of bitters! Now every other tonic has a nasty gasoline-esque after taste! I too am now on a mission to purchase locally. I'll scour our markets for this, perhaps specialty grocery or she-she liquor stores will have it...If I find it I'll let you know!!

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        Wow....forgot all about my previous post. Thank you for validating my love of the Seagrams Tonic. I have pretty much given up on finding it locally,but every time i see it at a bar or on a flight, i make a point of having myself a nice bevy.

        Let me know how your search goes.

      2. I know these posts are old, but I just stumbled across them. I too love Seagrams tonic water, with my favorite gin- Bombay Saphire. Wildfire Restaurants (Lettuce Entertain You chain) in the Chicago area makes the best Bombay Saphire & Tonic with a twist of lime. For years I tried to duplicate it at home- to no avail, I thought it was the ice, the amount of gin, or even the the lime (I always used what I thought was the best tonic water- Schweeps). But the last time I was at Wildfire, I asked the server what kind of tonic water they used, and she told me it was Seagrams. I now am happily making Wildfire Bombay Saphire & tonics at home-yum!

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          I was introduced to tonic water working a project in London, with BRIT VIC, which was pretty good.

          Then came the London version of G&T (too many to list) followed by the Madrid version of GT ( minus the word "and") in Spain.

          In North America the tonic syrups in New York caught my taste buds, and back home I began to experiment using a Soda Stream. One can add or delete Cinchona bark, rosemary, juniper, lime, lemon, or cukes, add or reduce sugar, carbonation, and so on. Cinchona bark, in a 1 kg bag goes a long way at home.

          I believe I have recreated the Seagrams recipe for Tonic water, so that can be duplicated at home in 1 L bottles, as much as you want. Increase your juniper and citrus in the mix, and let that sit in the fridge for 4 days before consuming.

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            Hi! This is an old post for sure. Would love to get your receipe! I'll even buy you a drink! Please post your recipe and name of your nearest gin mill. Thanks! - Chuck

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            As "luck" would have it I have moved from AZ to the east coast where Seagrams tonic is plentiful :) My search is over oh happy day!