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Dec 24, 2009 07:04 AM

stuffed pork tenderloin -- cooking time

I have a delicious-looking recipe for pork tenderloin, but just wanted to double-check something: The recipe calls for a cooking time of 60 to 75 minutes in a 325-degree oven, for a 3/4-pound tenderloin. I've seen recipes that call for as little as 20 minutes cooking time for a tenderloin, so an hour and fifteen minutes seems a little excessive -- would cooking a stuffed one at that temperature for that long wind up drying it out?

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  1. Seems excessive to me, too, even stuffed. I'd temp it at 45 minutes, should be 155*. Pork cooks at 30 minutes per # and I'd figure a bit extra for the stuffing. Better to err on the side of caution, you can always cook it longer, and pork tenderloin is not so great overdone.

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      After reading eight's post, it occured to me that the OP may very well sear the tenderloin before roasting, which would reduce the roasting time significantly. If that is the case, I therefore amend my roasting time to 20-30 minutes.

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        As you noted, TEMP it. You need a thermometer. You can get a digital probe thermometer with alarm for $20 at Target. There really is no other way to get it right. While 75 minutes seems patently excessive, there are too many potential variables here to go without a temperature reading. Is the loin whole with a hole poked in for stuffing? Was it butterflied and stuffed? Butterflied and pounded thin? Each can have a huge effect on timing.
        Since I like pork a little pink in the middle, I'd go for 140 before pulling it.

      2. That's bad bananas. I generally butterfly and stuff a tenderloin in the pound to 1.25 pound range. I brown it on the stove over medium-high heat first, then toss it in a 350-degree oven for 20 minutes. Is the recipe old?