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Dec 24, 2009 07:03 AM

Model train diner along rte 91?

Driving home from VT to NY today and looking for an alternative to Friendly's which my kids insist on. A few months ago we stopped at a diner along the way which had a model train motif with model trains running thru and around the diner which fascinated my kids. Food was decent. If anybody can remember the name, please let me know as it will save me from Friendly's tonite!!

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  1. Could it be the Steaming Tender in Palmer? I believe it's off Mass Pike(90) at rt 20.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      Steaming Tender is in an actual train station.

    2. Might you be thinking of the bluebonnet diner in Northampton (on rt.5) about 1/2 mile from exit 20 (I think) off rt 91

      1. It's definitely the Bluebonnet on Rt 5/10 in Northampton. The Broasted Chicken is delicious!

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        1. re: Fargo

          What exactly IS the broasted chicken? Do you get a whole chicken?

          1. re: corinnerose

            As I recall Broasted Chicken is pressure-fried chicken. That is it is fried in a sealed environment, that is very quick and requires less cooking oil than a normal fryolator.

            But please correct me if I am wrong on these details.

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              Oh yes, you are correct. Turns out it's some trademarked machine process thing. Oh well.


        2. I looked at the web site for the Bluebonnet Diner in Northampton Ma. and there is no mention of any trains running inside the diner, Its an old fashioned dining car type Restaurant , There doesn't appear to be any trains running inside, Am enclosing the web site.( I guess you could call them.. Good luck with your search. There is a place in Maine outside of Augusta that has a train that runs around the dinning room at the ceiling level .Other than that I don't know of one. Sounds like a interesting motif to see. If any one else knows of a place ,please post it on Chowhound Thanks

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            In fact, in the Gallery section of the web site, there are at least 2 photos clearly showing the trains and the track that runs around the diner, near the ceiling.

            1. re: Earle

              I've eaten there for over 20 years and my niece and nephew love the trains, so I'm pretty confident it's still there.

              1. re: Fargo

                I'm sorry about that I only looked at the rounded celling of the original diner and I didn't see them there, apparently they are in a separate section. Thanks for the update.

              2. re: Earle

                "There is a place in Maine outside of Augusta that has a train that runs around the dinning room at the ceiling level "
                ........and where is that ? Please name the place.

              3. in case anyone reading this thread is looking for similar but in other areas, Rosy Tomorrow's in Danbury (off rte 84 exit 2) also has a train running around the dining room up near the ceiling. When the hungry kids were little they LOVED to go there to watch it. I can't say the food is outstanding, but it certainly beats Friendly's!!!