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Dec 24, 2009 06:24 AM

Pizza or Italian in Delhi?

After 14 meals of (wonderful) Indian food during our trip, we're seriously dying for some pizza or Italian food. Any recommendations in Delhi?

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  1. Flavors- Moolchand flyover market - Highly recommended; a long standing establishment; As close to 'real' Italian as you can get there

    The Big Chill - Kailash colony one (not Khan Market). Thin crusts, some novel creations and I have never had a problem with the quality.

    Pizza Square - Chittranjan Park - USP is a square shaped pizza, but the taste is not too bad, though the crust does get a bit too thick for me

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      Amici in Khan Market is excellent (it's upstairs in one of the market "wings")

      The pizza in the 360 restaurant at the Oberoi is also excellent.

      And there is Pizza Marzano (same as the UK's Pizza Express) in Anchal Plaza mall. That's great too.

      1. re: dsadsa10

        Amici seems to dole out authentic stuff.

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