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Dec 24, 2009 05:23 AM

Best tastes of 2009 ?

Well what were the best invidual dishes or bites anyone enjoyed in the GTA during 2009 ?

To begin (simple pleasures):

- The simply delicious roast chicken with jus and mashed at Archeo

- Tableside-tossed Caesar and prime steak at Jacobs & Co

- Pizza al Pollo, extra cheese, "well done" from Camarra

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  1. Nota Bene -- charcuterie board and the boudin noir tart

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    1. re: merlot143

      The sushi omakase at Zen.

      Lobster with garlic chips at Emperor

      Nota Bene duck salad

      ..are the ones that stand out in my head right now.

    2. - tongue grilled cheese sandwich at The Hoof Cafe

      - fried chicken at the Stockyards

      - club sandwich with beef bacon at Caplansky's

      1. Local Kitchen and Wine Bar-Rabbit Tortelli
        Mitizi's Sister-Braised Lamb & Cheese Curd Stuffed Potato Skins

        1. Negroni. Potato & Pancetta soup. (had it last night again, and it was a little floury). Mozz + Tomato + Pesto Panini.

          Will try caplansky's club, sounds yummy.

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          1. re: mikefly

            Speaking of Negroni, I can't believe I almost forgot their peanut butter gelato.

          2. Weezie's: Salmon Ni├žoise
            Fusilli: The Paesana pizza
            Caplansky's: The Fatty
            Omi: Sustainable Sushi Omakase

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            1. re: Googs

              Harlem: Candied Yams
              Globe: Pork Belly appetizer (on the summer or fall menu, i think)
              Paradise: Pumpkin/Garlic dumplings (off the dim sum menu)