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Breakfast in Long Beach

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Has anyone been to the Long Beach Cafe for breakfast? Wondering if it's good or not. Open to other suggestions if anyone has any.....

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  1. Bake & Broil has excellent breakfast, particularly their pancake specials

    Link: http://www.bakenbroil.com

    1. Don't know about the Long Beach Cafe. Schooner or Later, at Alamitos Bay (on Marina Drive, behind Wild Oats on PCH) has great breakfast (even has steel cut oatmeal), and overlooks the marina. Shorehouse Cafe on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore for a wide variety of omelettes and diner-type breakfasts (open 24/7). Hof's Hut (various LB locations) for good coffee shop breakfast; large portions; weekday breakfast special is a good deal (about 4 selections).

      1. I like Eggs Etc. when I used to know someone in the area. They had great banana pancakes. Their breakfast potatoes were also good.

        Eggs Etc
        (562) 433-9588
        550 Redondo Ave
        Long Beach, CA 90814

        1. Hi,

          I recommend Jongewaard's Bake & Broil. Everything there is home-made and delicious! It's the only place we go in Long Beach!


          1. Hi,

            I recommend Jongewaard's Bake & Broil. Everything there is home-made and delicious! It's the only place we go in Long Beach!


            1. I am surprised that The Potholder(Broadway) or Egg Heaven Cafe (4th/Ximeno)was not mentioned. These two locals-only hole in the wall places specialize in breakfasts, in fact, that's all they serve.

              I was just at Egg Heaven last Sunday and it was great. Potholder is also a Long Beach standard and a favorite of mine. Both places have extensive breakfast options, fabulous omelette menu and are inexpensive.

              Another breakfast place that's good is called Coffe Cup Cafe off of 4th. Haven't been there in a while, but they have good crepes along with traditional breakfast fare.

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                Those are great recommendations either Egg Heaven and Pot Holder you can't go wrong. You might want to try Original Park Pantry on Broadway a little older crowd but the food is good for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the home baked goods great.


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                  I was not impressed with Egg Heaven - Id much rather wait in line for Coffee cup cafe down the street.

              2. Lindas Mexican Restaurant on Broadway near Redondo.
                In the a.m., it usually looks closed-it isn't.
                I usually walk in the kitchen, ask the boss for a vegetarian burrito (he uses Canola Oil for the great chips-spicy salsa) w whole beans, avocado, eggs, tomatoes, and lettuce. Usually runs about $5.
                If you get there before the waitress-just pour your own coffee.
                No crowd-no hassles-no noise.

                1. Third Street Cafe on Third and Grand has great huevos rancheros, eggs benedict and I love their Juan's omlette. Le Creperie is fun too.

                  1. Try the Coffee Cup on 4th and Grand and Ambrosia on Cherry and Broadway. Both have good variety, fair prices and good serice. Ambrosia has outdoor and indoor dining.

                    1. Chuck's is a great mom and pop (actualy just pop) place. He knows most of the people there. It is on Ocean near the Olympic pool.