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Dec 24, 2009 12:12 AM

Worms in my White Truffle!

Hello fellow Hounds...

Yesterday I received my first ever fresh white truffle and was over the moon despite being hit hard in the pocket! I had been planning for this delivery for a while and quickly went about preparing my favorite meal for both me and my wife. Fresh egg pasta, loads of butter, parmigiana cheese, salt and pepper were all plated and waiting for the ceremonial shaving of the glorious white fungus :) Video camera was rolling as I proceeded to shave the truffle over the perfect pasta dish. After finishing the first plate I wanted to get a look at the inside of the truffle and give it a good sniff. To my horror, I found lots of tiny white worms squirming around inside my truffle. Needless to say, my wife refused to eat the pasta and our long awaited truffle week has been postponed.

Is this normal? Should I return the truffle? Should I throw it away? I have done some research and can't really find an answer....

Has this happened to anyone out there? Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know much of anything about worms in truffles, but I know that often fresh morels come loaded with them. Yes, it is truly gross. With morels, a quick dunk in very salty water gets rid of the problem. The unpleasant reality is that quite a lot of fresh produce hosts insects of all kinds, and ignorance is bliss.

    1. Send the video to the company/provider, see what they say.

      In the mean time, seal it off in a bag to suffocate anything inside. If its normal and okay to eat, then well, guess you figure that out. If not, you toss after they replace.

      ...might not be a bad idea to keep it around, incase they are intestine-destined worms. In that case, either you or the company might want it for posterity.

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        where did you buy from? What cost was it per ounce? I buy them maybe once or twice during season and have not noticed any , put I guess it is possible. Ill now inspect carefully.

      2. I work in a restaurant where we go through approximately 4-6 large white truffles a week, and I have never seen worms in one of them, so I would say you should contact your purveyor and try to get some sort of refund/exchange, russel shank's suggestion to show them the video is a good one.

        1. This is an old post but I live in Italy and I asked my Italian girlfriend about this... When truffles are FRESH and I mean FRESH, this should NOT be happening. When a so called FRESH truffle is stored too long and possibly not stored correctly, THIS WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN as I guess it has the germs into to make worms... gross thought. She said they get a clothe sack with rice and it can be stored for a few days that way to avoid this... but after that... you are at risk... So my guess is it was NOT a real fresh Truffle as was sitting around a little too long before it got to you. Someone below mentioned that the truffles are cut into before selling and I HAVE NEVER SEEN NOR HEARD OF THAT IN 7 YEARS LIVING HERE. They are frozen in glass mason jars right away to preserve or sold fresh or in a salsa. Also my friend said that one the worms are there it has GONE bad and the taste gets acidity right away...