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Dec 23, 2009 10:13 PM

Looking for kosher Asian noodles

I was in 99, a large Asian supermarket based in California, looking for kosher packaged noodles. Interested in any (for Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai cooking). They have a lot of noodles so I was wondering if there are any brands that have kosher certification that people have already found at Asian supermarkets in the US.

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  1. At King Fung Market in River Edge (near Teaneck) most of the Twin Marquis brand noodles (refrigerated ones) are hechshered by OU. I was so flipped out when I saw this I called OU to double check before using them -- they are indeed under supervision

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      I buy the Twin Marquis noodles at several Chinese markets in Brooklyn. The OU is large and right on the front of the package... you can't miss it.

      Great price too... $1.99 or $2.19 for a 4-serving package. I've bought the pre-cooked flat noodles (just add to a stir fry) and the udon noodles.

      There's also one brand of dried soba noodles that I bought in H-Mart (Korean supermarket in Manhattan) that have an Australian hechsher. I've seen those in the Chinese markets in Brookln. Eden Organic has a large variety of dried Asian noodles.

    2. Many of the Eden brand of Japanese noodles (more likely found in organic sections of groceries than Asian markets) have an OK, although sadly not the mung bean ones. (I've been searching for cellophane noodles with a hechsher for years.) If it's supervised, there's a little OK to the left of the 'fat free' 'macrobiotic' etc. descriptions at the bottom of the individual page for each product.

      Nasoya also makes fresh pasta it labels 'Chinese style noodles' or 'Japanese style noodles' that are under a major hechsher (I don't remember which one off the top of my head.) With names like that, I doubt they're all that authentic, but unlike the one other brand of fresh Chinese egg noodles I once found with an OU in Chinatown (I don't remember the name, I'm sorry), they're available in my local grocery.

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        I've tried the Nasoya ones... they're right near the tofu in the produce section. They taste OK, but they're more expensive and not as good as the Twin Marquis ones. Also, in Shoprite, they have the Twin Marquis noodles and wrappers in the freezer section.

        The Nasoya dumpling/eggroll wrappers are almost triple the price of the Twin marquis ones!

      2. Well, 99 Ranch Markets carry Wing Hing, which is reliably kosher certified. They carry several varieties of long noodles, as well as wonton wrappers and egg roll skins. Thin rice sticks can be had at several kosher markets, though they're probably kosher without supervision, (Check with your LOR). You should know that it's easy to make noodles with an Atlas pasta maker (or a clone), and they're every bit as good as purchased noodles.

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          Thanks for all the replies. Any other brands that have kosher supervision to look for in Asian supermarkets for noodles, condiments, sauces, or other packaged goods?

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            I look for that stuff regularly. The only other hechshered product I've seen is the tofu. It looks like VitaSoy has a bunch of different labels, all of which have the circle-K.

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              Many, but not all, of the Lee Kum Kee sauses and condiments are certified kosher and available at 99 Ranch Markets. At least their kosher certified soy sauces are available there.

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                Updating this - Asian Home Gourmet packets (some varieties are KF), Kara coconut milk/pineapple/etc. (OK, and their dried coconut is kosher for passover), House Tofu, Kikkoman, Marukan, Mizkan, one of the sesame oils and a random wine or two (Yarden?).

                Lee Kum Kee in glass is more likely to have a hechsher than Lee Kum Kee in plastic. At least their Duck Sauce and Hoisin Sauce (tương ăn phở) when packaged in glass jars are kosher.