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Dec 23, 2009 09:04 PM

Rawal Kabob - Best in NoVA

I was searching the forum to find a alternate kabob eatout and was surprised no one mentioned Rawal Kabob (Chantilly).

Their Kabobs are the best, better than Ravi Kabob (Glebe Rd). If you are there, try out their Chicken Kadai regular (they have a boneless version, skip that one), Sheekh Kabob and Tandoori Legs. Their Tandoori legs are heavenly...

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  1. Any relation to Rawal Kabob (formerly Mogul Kabob) across from the Skyline complex near Bailey's Crossroads? Or is Rawal a sufficiently generic name so there's no reason for them to be connected?

    I've been to the (same named) place at Skyline and have been satisfied but not blown away. But then I don't eat kabobs often enough so that I have a clear preference for a kabob shop. I tend to go to Annandale's Food Corner, but that's Afghan and I believe Rawal is Indian or Pakastani. Kabob lovers (and Indian, and Pakistani food lovers) are very defensive about the country of origin of their favorites.

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    1. re: MikeR

      I don't believe RK @ Chantilly has any connection to the one near Bailey's Crossroads.
      For the one I refer to, they have mentioned Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi Food on their name board (just to attract wider audience) :-)

      1. re: slickffx

        I have mentioned Rawal Kabob a few times. It's part of a nice little group of ethnic restaurants in Chantilly Park Center (including Thai Basil, Minerva, and Picante! The Real Taco).

        People should give it a try.