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Dec 23, 2009 08:31 PM

Quick Lobster Stock Question

What parts of the lobster can I use to make stock? I've made a great stock with just the bodies before, but I was wondering if I could use other parts of the shell, do they have any worthwhile flavor?

Also: what's an easy way to get the roe out of the body without breaking it?

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  1. Sure, you can use the entire shell, but the body has the most amount of flavor. Open the bodies and remove the gray, feathery gills. Remove the sand sac from between the eyes. You should really break the shells up as much as possible, with a rolling pin or hammer, to get the maximum flavor for your stock.
    With a live lobster, you split the lobster in half by placing it on it's back, cutting it in half between the body and the tail section to sever the spinal cord and cut it in half lengthwise. Sometimes I've split the head in half first, to facilitate a quick death for the lobster. Remove the stomach, which is just back of the head, and the intestinal vein, which runs from the stomach to the tip of the tail. Remove the meat and the roe and save the liver (greenish sac) for whatever recipe you're making. It's recommended, though, that the liver (tomalley) not be eaten, as it's a natural filter for contaminents. That's the only way to remove the roe. You have to open the lobster to get at the roe.
    If you want to cook the lobster first, you can chill the lobster in the freezer for a bit to slow down the reflex reaction when the lobster is dropped into the boiing water. Plunge it headlong into boiling salted water, cook for 5-6 minutes, place in a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process, then dissect the lobster by splitting it in half and removing the meat and roe. The meat is not completely cooked at this point and can be finished however you want. Then you can proceed with the stock.

    A Tasty Lobster Roe Butter, from my file

    ½ cup unsalted butter, softened
    1 tbsp. Lobster roe, cooked
    1 tsp. Fresh parsley, minced
    ½ tsp. Salt
    Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

    Mix all ingredients. Chill. Serve as a tasty topping on broiled or grilled lobster, fish steaks and fillets