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Dec 23, 2009 08:06 PM

Spice Station in Silverlake

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  1. Thanks for this. I had not heard of it. Will definitely check it out! Thanks again!

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      1. re: WildSwede

        Swede, I'll be interested to hear if all their spices are available for sniffing before purchase, as at Penzeys.

        Penzeys Spices
        21301 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503

        Penzeys Spice Co
        1347 4th St, Santa Monica, CA

        1. re: Harry Nile

          I'm looking forward to trying it. The article in the Los Angeles Times was more informative. And, yes, the spices are open to sniff:

      2. you're quite welcome! i'm interested to hear about it...if only so that i can be envious ;) as much as i love San Diego, i just don't have the same access to quality ingredients here as i did in LA.

        1. I just barely noticed this place as I ducked into Secret Headquarters for some comics last week, and they were not open. I definitely want to go by and check it out next time I see it open!

          1. more CHers should subscribe to the daily Tasting Table e-mail, or at least check their website every so often. it's a great resource for little tidbits like this that might otherwise slip under the radar, and they cover all things food - restaurant openings, new gadgets (that's where i first read about the Sous Vide Supreme), wine...they even occasionally post popular restaurant recipes.