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Dec 23, 2009 06:40 PM

Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se!

Just wanted everyone to know that I tried Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se in Artesia after I read the LA Times article last week. Excellent food, fantastic service. I'm not entirely familiar with this cuisine, but the owner/waitress/cook offered perfect guidance. The food was so good, and the service so gracious, that I want to recommend this place to everyone.

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  1. We went to Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se this weekend and it's a nice addition to what's available in Little India. This place is off the main strip (past 99 Ranch) so hopefully word gets out about this place cause it was kinda dead when we went and it can use some Chowhound support.

    Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se serves Mumbai/Bombay street food and it's different from what you'd find at other restaurants/snack shops in the area. From the LA Times review, the dabeli is recommended and also the owner suggested it to us. It's a potato patty with a fine mixture of tasty spices that I can't quite describe. To temper the fire of the spices in the potato patty are pomegranate seeds and also peanuts add an earthy dimension to this sandwich. I would order this again since the spices used were interesting.

    We also ordered the Kathiawadi Thali which is only available on weekends. The thali comes with rotla, a kind of grilled chipati bread topped with a sweet cheese butter. Also included was a mix of dahl, and an eggplant side order that I haven't had at other Indian restos. The dahl has a nice consistency and the eggplant dish was like a warm Lebanese baba ghanoge but with Indian spices. I really liked the Kathiawadi thali and would order this again. Also this thali came with a creamy coconut soup that tasted like a soup that I've had at Jay Bharat.

    The owner recommended the Piyush drink. It's a yogurt drink that's flavored with saffron, pistachio, and cardamon. According to the LA Times article, this drink takes 3 days to make and also it's not available at other Little India restos. I would order the Piyush again.

    We also tried the Dahi Batata Puri and this was good but not as memorable as the other dishes we tried.