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Dec 23, 2009 06:08 PM

Stollen MSP

I like to get a stollen for the holiday season, but I have had trouble finding a really good one. The best I have ever had was purchased at Byerly's and produced by New Glarus Bakery in WI. It was $18 dollars and worth every penny...delicious, studded with marzipan and raisins and coated with powdered sugar. Unfortunately, the next year I went looking for it and Byerly's didn't have it.

The stollen carried by Trader Joe's do not make the cut. Mississippi Market sells a small one in a festive bag that is good enough, but not great. The ones from a Toast to Bread don't look good, but perhaps they taste better than they seem like they would?

This year I thought Turtle Bread would be a good bet, as their bread and pastries have been excellent, but I have to say their stollen is a bit plain and sort of dry. Does anyone know of a superior stollen available in the Twin Cities? Has anyone tried the ones from Breadsmith or Wuollet?

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  1. Great Harvest in St. Paul (on Selby) says they have it on their website.

    BTW, I happened to be there today (didn't notice it but wasn't paying attention either) and sampled their Egg Nog Tea Bread, which was really, really good, even for a non-nog like me.

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      I was just at the Patrick's French Bakery in Bachman's on Lyndale, because I had a craving for their strawberry napoleons. I saw something coated in powdered sugar in a bag and asked what it was, I believe the lady said 'stollen' . Their stuff is excellent! I got a brioche coffee cake with walnuts and raisins and 2 of us have decimated most of it since last night. They bake from scratch, no BS additives as I would suspect from other places.

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