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Mar 16, 2005 03:44 PM

Martini Blues in Huntington Beach???

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Just found this in an OC Weekly column. Looks like fun...but how's the food? (I've had some pretty bad luck with places on Edinger...) Do you recommend?



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  1. Had drinks and appetizers there some time ago on the comedy club side. If you walk up and down the freezer aisle at Costco and throw every other bag of frozen appetizer into your cart, you will have duplicated the appetizer menu. Can't imagine the dinners are much better.

    1. Don't go there for the food-it's a great bar w 3 showrooms, a nice bar, not overpriced, and plenty of parking.
      Altho the New Years Eve buffet was wonderful.

      BTW-Ike Turner played for over 2 hrs

      1. Thank you for responding and saving me from yet ANOTHER bad food experience on Edinger's "ptomaine row." I suspected as much.

        Great appetizer description LBQT --- I'm still chuckling :-)

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          we went on Thursday night and the service was incredibly bad. We seated ourselves and waited about 10 minutes for a waiter. We had to go up to the bartender to ask where our server was. After waiting another 10 minutes the manager came and gave us menus. I wanted to leave but our friend was hungry so she ordered buffalo wings and cheese sticks which came out 30 minutes later. There was no sauce for her wings or sticks. The waitress was busy flirting with a group of guys and never acknowldged our existence. We had to search all over for the manager just to pay our bill. AWFUL!!!!!!!!!