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Dec 23, 2009 05:34 PM

Can you substitute whole wheat flour for all purpose flour for simple thumbprint cookies

So I want to make Thumbprint cookies but I only have whole wheat flour. Would that work? What alternations would I have to make to the basic recipe if any?

Also I don't have Jam but a sweet mango chutney that has a runny texture like thick honey. Would that work for the center filling?

Please Help a first time holiday cookie baker !

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  1. Baked goods made with whole wheat flour will be very dense, heavy, and not have as much rise as those made with all-purpose flour. I personally enjoy the heartiness of whole grains, so I don't mind baking with whole-wheat, but whole-wheat pastry flour is best if you want to please most people.

    The chutney is an interesting idea, but I can't imagine it would be sweet enough to make this a dessert. With the earthiness of the whole wheat flour and the zest of the chutney, you'll be making more of an appetizer than a cookie--but I think it will taste ok as long as you tell people what to expect.

    I would personally shoot for a different cookie that works with the ingredients you have. Whole wheat molasses crinkles would be a nice choice.

    1. I've substituted with half whole wheat flour and they come out fine. In fact, everyone seems to like the taste better. Don't know if the chutney would work, because it might be to runny, maybe if you cooked it to evaporate some of the moisture.