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Dec 23, 2009 03:06 PM

aerogarden seeds

does anyone know where to buy seeds for an aerogarden in a store (not online) in the new york area?

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  1. Bed Bath and Beyond sells them.

    1. hope this helps you ,but you can use any seed pack in those (root veges dont work to well lol)and u will save some coin

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        thanks so much!
        i can put regular seeds into those plastic seed pods? can i just clean out the old plants and put new seeds in the same ones?

        1. re: ossauiraty

          my buddy owns one ,he does it all the time.i think theyre growing stevia in it right now.

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            You can. Remove the old roots, use pliers to get out the old sponge. Becareful not to break the plastic pod.

            Cut out a piece of high density sponge to fit. Cut a slit in the sponge for the seeds. To hold seeds in place, use some water soluble glue (i.e. standard white glue).

            I did this to grow herbs and it's fine. Eventually you will need more of the nutrients, you can order those directly from the aerogarden web site.
            Or you can try the mastergardeners kit..which have pods that breaks apart, so it's easier to remove old roots.

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              awesome! thanks so much you guys! :)

        2. I picked up one of these aerogarden herb gardens cheap at a garage sale. I am going to order the seeds for the first time I try this but, afterwards, hope to grow my own. Does anybody know anything about them? Do they work well for you? It sounds like a neat idea to be able to grow a small amount of herbs right there in the kitchen and then just snip off a few teaspoons of chives or basil when you need it.

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            Yeah, I love my aerogarden! It's great to have herbs right next to where I'm cooking, plus they're clean (no dirt or bugs). They grow very quickly and it's super-easy.

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              I have one. I have switched to distilled water after having had problems with damp off fungus and slime gooey yuck. I took it completely apart, cleaned and sterilized it etc. Now I am testing PH, and all that. I also moved toa better location, with more air circulation. I wish they would come up with a better draining thingie than those silly sponges. And their cute seed kits are way overpriced. No legal seed should cost that much.

              Right now I am starting some Piper Nigrum {black peppercorn vine} If I get a couple of those started, I will mix in some of the usual fresh herbs.

              For nutrients I am going to start using normal hydroponic nutrients. You don't have to be growing "plastic tomato's" to get supplies at a Hydroponic store...

              I have my flats with Peppers & Tomato's strategicly placed around the Aerogarden so they get some of the light.

            2. If you're starting without seed kits (and they are very pricey) don't buy kit. Go to and order what you want. Go through a "season" and then order the bulk materials and create your own seed kits. There are youtube videos that discuss various topics that are very helpful.