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Dec 23, 2009 01:52 PM

Passover Kosher Meals in NYC?

I'm considering having Kosher meals catered over Pesach (cheaper than the hotel option) and was wondering which eateries will prepare entire meals.

In an ideal world, I'm considering a "catered" meal (i.e. a fully prepared dish where I don't have to worry about portioning) but I assume that no place does that, and instead that we're talking about just getting 1lb of food here and there to cover at least 4 meals for 2 people...

Anyone know places that do this?

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  1. When you say "eateries," are you referring to restaurants specifically? Certainly take-out places like Mauzone, Meal Mart, Supersol, Wasserman's, Brachs, Mazur's and probably a dozen more that I can't think of this minute will have tons of food you can buy by the pound. I'm in Queens, so most of the places I mentioned are also here, but every community: UWS, Flatbush, Boro Park, etc., will have this available.

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      Yeah, I've tried Mauzone which delivers to Riverdale. I'm looking at other options. Do restaurants do pre-prepared meals? That's probably my ideal scenario.

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        Mendy's in Manhattan on E34th is open over Pesach.

    2. Park East Kosher has a take out passover menu posted. They deliver anywhere in the tri state area

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        Kosher Marketplace (Broadway and 90th Street in Manhattan) has upscale food, kosher for passover and will prepare it in platters or plates or containers as you wish. You cxan order shemura matzo and everything from there.